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Shanghai Foodie Tour

A taste of Shanghainese cuisine
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 12.2 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  The purpose of this tour is to introduce the visitor to some of the tastes of Shanghai along with some of the food sights. Probably... more »

Tips:  It is not necessary to tip in any restaurant or bar in China. It is also probably best not to as it can cause confusion and... more »

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Points of Interest

The Bund area is largely host to expensive restaurants serving foreign food. This is the best option around the Bund for Chinese cuisine (note it does not have a view of Pudong). It specializes in Yunnan dishes. Yunnan situated in the south west of China is one of the country’s most varied provinces. Home to more than half of China ethnic minority... More

This restaurant has a great view of the Bund and Pudong. Whilst the Chinese food won’t win any awards, it is fairly standard Shanghainese fare with a few other dishes thrown in for good measure. It is possible to skip the food and just drink here.

The view is best seen in the evening. It could make a good spot for a quiet early evening Tsingtao ... More

3. Ningbo Road Market 宁波路菜场

This small market is relatively clean and tame by Shanghai standards. Whilst the Chinese name calls it a vegetable market it also sells meat, fish and dried goods. However, unlike many markets there doesn’t appear to be any live poultry.

Markets like this are the typical places most people do their shopping. Usually the produce is cheaper and... More

4. Sanyang Food Shop 三阳食品

This place sells all kinds of foods that Chinese people might give as gifts. There are displays of little pieces of dried meat wrapped like candy. Along with many Chinese style sweet food, there are dried mushrooms and shrimps. There are also great joints of dried meat and stalls selling fruit juice and egg tarts (see next stop).

This store was ... More

5. Lillian Cake Shop

This chain store is famous for egg tarts and has various outlets around town.

Egg tarts (蛋挞dan ta) originate in southern China. They are thought to be either from Macau or Hong Kong and a Chinese version of either the Portuguese pastel de nata or the British custard tart. Whatever their origins, they are big in Shanghai and can commonly be found... More

6. Huanghe Food Street 黄河美食街

A small section of this street has a reputation as a food street thanks to a large number of restaurants. Most serve either Shanghai cuisine or seafood. They are very much aimed at locals and so the emphasis is on taste and price, rather than fancy presentation, interior decoration or service.

At No 97 is another small branch of Yang’s Fried... More

7. Wujiang Road Food Street 吴江路

This was once a delightful collection of small restaurants serving cheap, delicious Chinese food. The new ‘improved’ version is a sanitized street replete with mainly international chain food stores and coffee shops. There are, though, still a few places worth seeking out.

Two worth looking for - they are hidden upstairs in a shopping centre -... More

Shanghainese food often gets a bad rap for being oily, too sweet and salty. This restaurant will change any preconceived ideas with its modern take on traditional classics and it all comes packaged with good service, well thought out presentation, and a stylishly decorated dining area.

One highly recommendable dish is the Shanghai style crispy... More

9. Din Tai Fung

Although actually a Taiwanese chain this place is well known for its xiaolongbao (see Wujiang Road stop). The New York Times in 1993 voted it one of the best ten restaurants in the world and some of the Hong Kong branches have received Michelin stars.

This branch has more atmosphere than some of the other Shanghai locations thanks to being in... More