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Seefeld King’s Trail for Demanding Hikers

Experience Karwendel Splendid Mountain Ranges and Verdant Valleys All in One
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 13.422 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Traditional Seefeld King’s Trail (Seefelder Königstour) is a fabulous high alpine hiking. Escalate your experience by adding extra... more »

Tips:  Alternatives. Should you decide to shorten the trail you have the following options:
1. Take the cableways up to the top of Seefelder ... more »

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Points of Interest

Make your trailhead at Seefeld (Austria) cable valley station.

Take a standing cableway to the middle station of Rosshütte (1751 m).

2. Rosshütte (1751 m) - Härmelekopfbahn

Take short views of the beautiful mountains and get ready for hiking.

Next POI is about 1.6 (or 50 minutes) distant. Hike uphill to the next POI, following the trail winding along the cableway.

3. Seefelder Joch (2066m)

You have reached viewpoint number 1. Spend some time here and enjoy your first fine views.

Next POI is about 30 to 40 minutes distant. The easy and beautiful section between Seefelder Joch and Seefelder Spitze is also called as high-altitude panoramic trail. Hike till you come to Seefelder Spitze. If you are both attentive and lucky you may also... More

4. Seefelder Spitze (2221m)

You have reached viewpoint number 2. Spend some time here and enjoy even better views than from the previous viewpoint.

The next POI is about 1.8 km (or 1:08 hour) distant. The trail has some more difficult sections to overcome which are secured by iron cables. Here you must be sure-footed and suffer no dizziness. The section between Seefelder... More

5. Reither Spitze (2374m)

You have reached the main viewpoint. Spend some time here and enjoy the best views. On the top, you may be greeted also by jackdaws.

Looking down from the top of Reither Spitze you see a cabin. This is your next POI which is about 15 minutes distant. Continue down till you get to the cabin.

6. Nördlinger Hütte (2238m)

Enjoy excellent views from the cabin Nördlinger Hütte. Make dinner break here. If you are still strong-minded to complete the whole journey do not make a long break.

The next POI is about 1.1 km (or 36 minutes) distant. Turn in direction of Ursprungsattel. Continue on a narrow trail.

7. Ursprungsattel (2096m)

Have a little pause here and get ready for a long descent.

The next POI is about 3.1 km (or 2 hours) distant. Head towards the chalet of Eppzirler Alm. After about 950 m you come to a fork. To get to Eppzirler Alm hike straight on.

If you are late turn left downwards, miss Eppzirler Alm and arrive to Scharnitz a bit earlier.

8. Eppzirler Alm (1455m)

Admire the beauty of the chalet of Eppzirler Alm and its surroundings including a small chapel. You may have a little refreshment here. Get ready for the last leg downwards.

The end of the trip is about 10.4 km (or 2:47 hours) distant. Continue down the valley, admire the beauty of the valley and the mountain ridges as seen from below till you... More

9. Scharnitz

Congratulations. You have reached your final destination. The lovely borderline Austrian village Scharnitz is situated about 16 km north of Innsbruck.