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London Lake Loop

Beauty Ranch and London Lake at Jack London State Historic Park

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.5 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This loop walk will include portions of the Beauty Ranch, the London’s experimental farm, vineyard views, a redwood forest walk, and... more »

Tips:  There is no camping at Jack London SHP. The Rangers send folks up HWY 12 to Sugarloaf State Park.

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Points of Interest

1. Trailhead and Interpretive Sign

From the Park entrance booth follow the road up the hill to the right to the Upper Parking Lot and Trail Head.

2. Picnic Site

Picnic Area, Group Picnic Area. Benches and BBQ's in a nice grove overlooking the London's Cottage and ruins with a backdrop of vinyards and forested hills. The area also overlooks stone barns below.

3. Barn and Stable

The Sherry Barn contains an assortment of farming tools, wagons, and plows used on the Beauty Ranch.

In line behind are the Manure Pit and the Stallion Barn. The Manure Pit and Stallion Barn were both built by the Londons. The Manure pit was built as an experiment in farm efficiency, reprocessing and fertilization of the crops. Formerly there... More

4. Cottage and the Ruins

Winery and Distillery ruins, leftovers from the winery that the Londons purchased the property from. Overlooking the ruins is the Londons' cottage which is open to visitors and restored with period furnishings.

It was here that the Londons lived on Beauty Ranch and housed their many guests. This is the place where much of Jack London's literary... More

5. Junction

Smoke House, Pig Palace, Lake Trail. Informational sign describing the activities of the farm. Continue along the path around the vineyard towards the working farm.

6. Junction

Return to Trail head, “Pig Palace, and Farm area. Lake and Upper Trails. Walk northwesterly along the vineyard towards the experimental farm area.

7. The Farm and Junction

Smoke House, Pig Palace, Lake Trail. Interpretive sign describing the activities of the farm.

In the foreground are the foundation remains of the cattle barns. To the northeast in the treeline are the Smoke House and Pig Palace behind the modern Bat Houses.

Explore the farm! When done, continue along the path around the vineyard towards the... More

8. Junction

Intersection of Lake Spur Trail and Lake Service Road. Both are routes to the Lake. Follow the trail heading west (Lake Spur Trail. You’ll drop into a gully and redwood forest then start a climb through Redwood country.

9. Rest and Reflection Stop

Bench within a scenic Redwood Grove.

10. Junction

Lake Trail (South East) and Lake Spur Trail to the northwest. Take the Lake Spur Trail. This segment does have a more aggressive uphill component that will rise to the top of a saddle.

11. Junction

Parking Lot Trail and Upper Lake Trail. Take the Upper Lake Trail.
Shortly the trail will break into a valley meadow area and then on to the Lake itself.

12. London Lake

London Lake is man made and rests picturesquely surrounded by forest in a valley. At the southerly end is a stone dam.

Over the years much of the lake has silted in providing a great home for cattails and other lake vegetation.

13. Bath House

London’s lakeside Bath House. The bathhouse sits easterly of the stone dam forming the lake.

The reed filled area in front of the Bath House was clear during the London’s time and served as beach front for swimming, picnics, and launching small boats. Adjacent to the bath house is a park picnic area and on the other side of the dam, the... More

14. Trail Head

Intersection for Quarry Trail, Bridge Trail, Mountain Trail. These are some of the primary trails to the upper reaches of the Park. There is also a restroom at this location.

Return to the Bath House area and take the Lake Service Road back down to the vineyard. This downhill trail is forested with Fir, Redwood, Madrone, and Oaks. It provides... More

15. Vinyard

Break out of the forest and along side the vineyard.

16. Junction

Returning to the Lake Spur Trail Junction.

Backtrack around the vineyard to the Point of Beginning.

17. End