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Trippet Ranch to Eagle Rock and Temescal Peak

Fire Road Trails at Topanga State Park

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 10.3 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Topanga is both extremely accessible and rugged. It is a natural park lying within Los Angeles and is within easy day-use reach of... more »

Tips:  Location/Directions
A good access point for Topanga State Park is at Trippet Ranch, once a "Gentleman's Ranch" for getaways from the... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking Area at Trippet Ranch

Off Entrada Road, the parking area and trail head are located in an oak-surrounded meadow at the heart of the old Trippet Ranch.

Look for the trail/fire road at the southeast corner of the parking area.

The structures at the westerly end of the lot are the park offices and maintenance buildings.

Picnic and restroom facilities are also located... More

2. Trail Head

At the southeast corner of the parking area Entrada Road becomes a dirt road. Follow it through the trees to the first junction. Take the right fork which is a continuation of Entrada Road.

This hike is primarily on fire roads through rough chaparral, oak forest and grasslands. Be aware that there's not a lot of shade on most of this hike so it... More

3. Junction

At the first 3-way junction turn left (south east) onto Trippet Lane. Follow the road through the oak forest and after two broad bends the next junction will be reached.

4. 3-way Junction

On: Trippet Lane

Trippet Lane comes to a 3-way junction in a meadow. Turn left (northeast) onto East Topanga Fire Road and head into the next oak forest.

5. Side Trail-Nature Center

A side trail that leads to the old ranch skeet range, now the park's Nature Center.

Continue up East Topanga Fire Road.

6. 3-way Junction: Santa Ynez Trail

Continue on: East Topanga Fire Road.

Side Trail: Santa Ynez Canyon Trail, a six-mile round-trip out and back trail open to hikes and horses. The hike will take one out through a canyon with dense woods, grassy knolls, mountain views, interesting sandstone formations, and will end at Santa Ynez Falls. The falls’ outflow is dependent on seasonal... More

7. Road Junction

The road reaches a Wye called Eagle Junction.
Take Eagle Springs Fire Road to the right.

East Topanga Fire Road continues on the left hand side of the Wye.

8. "The Hub"

"The Hub" or "Hub Junction" is one of the central trail and road junctions of the park, tying together several of the key roads leading to essentially every ridge and canyon trail of Topanga, as well as some of the larger multiple park trails. There is a porta potty located here as well.

Follow the East Topanga Fire Road north west to reach the... More

9. Side trails

Pass it and continue to the next junction.

10. Junction: Cheney Ranch Road

Cheney Ranch Road heads down to Rochemont Drive and Sylvia Park, park boundary and trail head.

11. Eagle Rock

At a distance of about 4.5 miles the road brings us to Eagle Rock. So far, we have an elevation gain of about 800 feet. Here a number of single-track trails head off the southerly side of our fire road down to Eagle Rock.

Eagle Rock is a sandstone outcropping whose views include nearly all of Topanga State Park. Erosion has created a variety of... More

12. Turnout and Vista.

Just off of "The Hub" is a broad turnout on a knoll. Great views down the canyon.

Return to "The Hub" and follow Temescal Canyon Road southerly. The very large sandstone outcropping that the road passes will be Cathedral Rock.

Continue following the fire road as it follows at, or just below, the ridge-line south.

13. Single Track Trail

At this sharp curve in the road a single-track trail will appear on the inside of the curve to the east. This is the Rogers Road Trail or Backbone Trail and will lead you to Temescal Peak.

Follow this trail as it also provides some shade, which will be badly needed if this is a summer hike. Follow this trail southeasterly until it starts a very... More

14. Temescal Peak

Temescal Peak: Approach via the Temescal Canyon Road. While there is no maintained trail going to the summit, there are several well-worn volunteer trails from the south. Leave the fire road at any spot that looks promising.

Temescal Peak is part of the separator of the Santa Ynez, Temescal, and Upper Rustic Canyons watersheds.

There is a... More

15. Return

After the peak, return to the single-track trail and head back to the Temescal Canyon Fire Road.

Backtrack to "The Hub".

16. Return to "The Hub".

Follow Eagle Springs Fire Road back downhill toward the trail head and parking area. It's a long march!

17. 3-way Junction

Backtrack to East Topanga Fire Road and Trippet Lane.

Turn right to follow Trippet Lane back towards the parking area.

18. Nature Center

The Park Nature Center is housed on the historic Trippet Ranch skeet range.

It's no longer used for skeet shooting these days but provides a nice park-like setting among the old structures. The main building now houses the exhibits.

19. End

Return to the Parking Area.