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A Driftwood Beach and the Navarro River Redwoods

A driving and walking trip: Wild Coast, preserved redwoods on the river, and a driftwood packed beach.

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 32.9 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Located on the lower reaches of the Navarro River, this state park is along HWY 128 as it hits the Mendocino Coastline. Navarro River ... more »

Tips:  Location/Directions
The park is located on Highway 128, two miles east of the junction with State Highway 1.

Latitude: 39.17233
... more »

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Points of Interest

Navarro (the town). Gas, a general store, and food surrounded by a small community in the surrounding hills.

2. Park Boundary

3. Dimmick Campground

Paul M. Dimmick Campground entrance on the southern side of HWY 128, six miles east of the junction with State Highway 1.

The campground is right on the Navarro River, which is warm in summer and children have a lot of fun wading in this crystal clear water. The pools are not quite deep enough for a good swim but the kids don’t seem to mind.

... More

4. Camp 19 at Dimmick

Views of the area around Campsite 19 at Dimmick.

5. Pull Out

View Turnout.

6. Pull out and short walk

Pull out and a short redwood grove walk with Navarro River access.

7. Redwood grove.

Redwood grove.

8. Navarro River Bank

River views.

9. Pullout-Driveway

Crossroad-Driveway entrance to the Mendocino Redwood Lumber Company lands.

Large pull-out. There may be trucks through here on weekdays.

10. Pullout.

A large pull-out.

11. View

Pullout and view overlooking a river bend. Below the road is a large rip-rap slope above the floodplain.

12. Navarro Point

Navarro Point. The headlands overlooking the river mouth which lies to the south. This location is not in the park but there are trails out to the headlands.

Road access between here and POI 11 was difficult across the road so we chose this as a turnaround point before heading back upstream.

13. Navarro River Bridge

Take HWY 1 South across the bridge. The beach entrance will be the first right.

14. Beach Access Road

Head down the road. Take it slow and be on the lookout for bikes or trailers coming up the road.

15. Captain Fletcher's Inn

Charles Fletcher was a Scottish sailor who came to the region in 1851 and was actually the first European settler on the Navarro. In 1860, Fletcher sold most of his land to lumbermen who used it to build a mill in 1861. Fletcher built his inn in 1865 to house sailors in the lumber trade while they waited for their ships to load.

A town of... More

16. Beach Parking

On the drive in there was a wide flat between the road and the estero, which was the site of the old mill and much of the town. Little remains due to the frequent winter flooding, 1906 earthquake, and fires.

Park your car and trace the shoreline of the estero.

On this trip there was a landlocked lagoon centered on the beach. Also, the northern... More

17. South End of the Beach and Rocks

Climbing on rocks and heading back along the base of the bluffs.

Halfway up the bluffs there appears to be an old road. The access point may be a road on the drive down to the beach. Portions of the bluff road are washed out, collapsed by slides on the bluff.

18. Ring Bolt

A ring bolt cemented into a bolder. This would be a remnant from the lumber mill days. It was probably used to tie up ships offshore as they loaded cut lumber for the trip down to San Francisco.

19. Washed up Tree

Logs washed down the rivers like this would frequently turn up - and not just at the river mouth. They became valuable in other places as well like Hawaii. Highly prized finds for canoe building.

20. Ancient Logs

Along this area are several probably ancient driftwood logs sticking out from old slides. Winter storms have since re-exposed them after a long burial.

21. Beach Camp Sites

A line of 10 camp sites along the base of the bluff. Exposed, first come, first-served with a pay station and restroom nearby. Water is not supplied.

22. Junction

Road junction on the road down to the beach. This is the lower end of the road up the bluff. Closed to vehicles.

23. Pullout

A long pullout just upriver from the bridge. It provides river and meadow access.

24. Pull-out

Redwood and river access.

25. Pull-out

Pull-out with access to a meadow area.

26. Pull-out

Pull-out with a gate to the meadow area.

27. Pull-out

With a view of the river.

28. Pull-out

A large pull-out with access to a broad section of redwood forest. There appears to quite a few pathways in this section.

29. Pull-out

A large pull-out with access to trails and groves.

30. Pull-out

Redwood and river access.

31. Pull-out

Redwood and river access.

32. Pull-out

Redwood and river access.

33. Pull-out

Redwood Trails and river access.

34. Pull-out

Redwood and river access.

35. Pull-out

Redwood and river access.

36. Pull-out

Redwood and river access.

37. Pull out and Beach

Pull-out and river beach

38. Pull-out

Redwood and river access.

39. Pull-out

Redwood and river access.

40. Pull-out

Redwood and river access.

41. Pull-out

Redwood and river access.

There was plenty of flood evidence here, take a look at the bleaching stains on the redwood trunks.

42. Pull-out. Boat put-in

A gated road down to the river and a great place to put in the kayak or canoe.

The road is clearly posted as belonging to the lumber company. It's also a place for the trucks to ford the river to access a road on the other side.

43. Pull-out

Redwood and river access.

44. Pull-out

Redwood and river access. Paved roadside parking.

45. Pull-out

Redwood and river access.

46. Pull-out

Redwood and river access.

47. Junction and End

Junction-Masonite Industrial Road. Road to the Boy Scout Camp.