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River Bend Trail

Family-friendly short shaded trail for serenity and a peek or two of the river at Caswell Memorial State Park

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  The River Bend trail offers a 1-mile flat windy walk in this riparian habitat. There are a few overlook points that allow visitors to... more »

Tips:  Park policies and hours:
Fishing closed Nov 1st-Dec 31st.
Day use fees: $8
Camp fee: $30
Dogs on leash only in day use area, no dogs... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Day use parking lot

2. Benches at river vista

This marks the end of the ADA accessible 0.25 mile section. Three vista-view benches and trash cans are available at this point.

3. Crow's Loop trail

The Crow's Loop trail offers a quick additional 0.4 mile to the 1-mile walk.

4. Gray Fox Trail Junction

For a shorter walk, you can take the Gray Fox Trail back up toward the parking lot. An Interpretive bulletin and a bench are also available at this junction. This section of the gray fox trail has steeper slope and poison oak, so keep your eyes out and watch where you step.

5. Lookout

Going off trail for a few steps toward the river, you can catch a quick view of the river.

6. Majestic Oaks Trail

This 0.2-mile section of the trail is shared with the majestic oaks trail.

7. Fence Line Trail

Instead of returning along the river bend trail, the fence line trail offers a straight line trail back toward the day-use parking lot. The fence line trail offers a flat and wide trail with a fence along the state park boundary on one side and an oak forest view on the other side.

8. Elderberry day use area restrooms

The trailhead for the river bend trail is just beyond this restroom building.

9. Day use area parking lot restrooms

10. Plants and Animals

The river bend trail provides a great overview of all the plants and animals of this park. You may encounter dangling grapes, thorny wild roses, moss, mushrooms, buckeyes, willow, bright red elderberries and sounds from flocks of bird, brush rabbits, woodrats and even gray fox sightings on this trail.