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Bay Area (San Jose) California Family Safe Bike Rides

Our Collection of Great Safe Family Bike Rides: Perfect for just getting out for the exercise.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

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Points of Interest

1. Alameda Creek Trail

One of the best trails around. Well worth the drive out to the Start point. It's a long ride, figure about 3-4 hr. Approx 24 miles. The Winds can be heavy going out to the Bay, but remember those same winds will push ya back home.

2. Dumbarton Bridge Crossing

This is a nice long run across the bridge and march land. The slope is just about perfect for good exercise.

3. Alviso Loop

This is one ride you have to do early in the morning before the winds come up. It's 9 mile around the loop. Look for the old boats.

4. Foothill Exp Bell Loop

This is a Favorite Stanford Student Cycling ride.
It's just about right for anyone. Some climbing, but most can handle it well. The Stanford Disk is in the middle top of the bell. Some groupd do this loop several times a week.

5. Palo Alto Baylands and Airport Loop

If you like small Airplanes you will like this loop. Also a great view of the Dumbarton Bridge from this area. The dirt part of the trail is a little rough on the bum, butt all in all not bad. Plus you can take in the Mission Peak area Foothills across the bay.

6. Shoreline South Trail Ride

A nice ride along the Moffet Air Station and Field. With the Nasa center. The large hangers are always interesting to see from different angles. Plus the Blimp rides take off from here. Then you have the Shoreline Lake to stop at for a row boat work out. My wife always likes this ride.

7. McCarty Ranch Trail

This Trail runs along 237 EastBound and up along 880 behind the Mc Carty Ranch Plaza and the Milpitas Walmart.

One of our favorites. We always park by the Los Gatos Park by Dell Ave. Lots of Street parking avail in the area. You can take this ride Left or Right from the Loas Gatos Park. You can even ride up to the Lexington Reservoir. One heck of a Steep climb right before the Reservoir Dam. (But you CAN DO IT!) The KFC at the North End is the turn... More

9. Alamitos Creek Trail

Some of this Trail/Park is Closed on Mondays.
Part Park Bike Trail and Part Residental Area ride.
Later we expanded this ride to the Santa Teresa Country Park Loop. A Nice change of pass ride. Check out the Almaden Lake (Highest Mercury Content in the state.) They say it is safe however. Also work out stations along this trail. Would make for ... More

10. Santa Teresa Mountain Loop

This is nice to do in the CCW direction. The climb is slow and steady that way instead of the big steep climb gon CW. Some bikers actually challenge themselves on the steep climb.

11. Coyote Creek Trail

This is one of the longest all paved trails in this area. About 34 miles end to end. Tully Rd. to Cochrane Rd.

12. Monterey Bay Trail