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Mt Rosa Trail

Following the Steps of the Pioneers (almost): Zebulon Pike & Rose Kingsley
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 6 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  The GPS file for this guide represents the hike. However, the drive to the trailhead is as important to your enjoyment of the... more »

Tips:  Directions:
Exit I-25 at the Nevada St and follow the signs for St Hwy 115 south. You’ll reach the Broadmoor hotel in... more »

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Points of Interest

1. F.S. Rd 379

After turning off Gold Camp Rd it’s 1.5 miles to Frosty’s Park, where the trail to the top of Mt Rosa actually begins. The journey to this turn off is spectacular! Picturesque rock formations and vistas abound. Safe driving speed along the road from COS will average about 15 miles/hour. If you pause to enjoy the scenery along the way, the approach... More

2. Mt Rosa View

About a half mile up 379, you’ll come upon a shallow ford across East Beaver Creek. Here you’ll get your first view of the western slope of Mt Rosa. Trail 626 tracks southeast from here, around the southern base of the mountain to F.S. 381, from which you can climb to Pike’s Cave.

3. Frosty's Park

Frosty’s Park is a wide spot into which the tributaries that combine to create East Beaver Creek merge. Several trails and 4WD tracks merge here as well. You’ll see a fence on the right (east) side. Head in that direction. About 50 yards onto the track, you’ll notice a round, silver dollar sized, National Forest Service property marker in the... More

4. Trail Split #1

About .4 mile from Frosty’s Park you’ll arrive at a trail junction. One sign reads 672 and points out a trail heading on a 30° azimuth. The other trail, to the right on a 160° azimuth, does not have a trail marker. Take this trail into the woods. As this part of the trail climbs 700 ft to the next turn, you’ll not only enjoy the woods, but you’ll ... More

5. Trail Split #2

This second trail split is at the base of the finger running down from Mt Rosa’s peak. It is well marked. If you were to go straight ahead, you would eventually arrive at St Mary’s Falls (another, but much longer way to hike to Mt Rosa – take your pick: drive for an hour on Gold Camp Rd or hike an extra 4 miles). Turn right (up hill) and begin the... More

6. Peak View

You’re almost at the top at this point. If you turn around, you’ll get your first really good view of Almagre Mtn and Pike’s Peak. While they look close together, Pike’s Peak is twice the distance away (8 miles). The trail to the top has some rough spots. Be careful on the treacherous decomposed granite.

7. Summit

You may not be able to see forever from here, but it’s not far beyond the horizons you can see. To the north is Pike’s Peak and Almagre, to the northeast Mt Kineo, to the southeast Cheyenne Mtn, to the immediate west Mt Baldy and south of it Big Chief. To the far south are the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and north of them lie the Wet Mountains. To... More