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Schubarth 4x4 Road

Fun play area with views of Pikes Peak and Air Force Academy.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 13.7 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Popular area close to Woodland Park and an easy drive from Colorado Springs. Trail is loop with network of legal side roads to explore... more »

Tips:  Unlicensed vehicles are not allowed on Schubarth Road until they cross the boundary to Pike National Forest. The road is wide enough... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start Here

At the top of Loy Creek Road, where it meets Rampart Range Road 300, continue east downhill on Schubarth Road, still wide gravel at this point.

2. Road Narrows

Wide gravel road appears to end at a turnaround spot; however, Schubarth Road continues as it passes through private land. Road itself is open to the public, but you MUST stay on road at all times. In a short distance, road takes a hard right and continues to Pike National Forest boundary, where it becomes Forest Road 307. No unlicensed vehicles... More

3. Forest Boundary

You'll go by two homes close to the road before reaching the forest boundary. Please keep dust down and pass these homes quietly. After forest boundary, there is lots of room to park and unload unlicensed vehicles.

4. Camp Spot on Left

Large open area on left is great camp spot with view of Pikes Peak. Trail continues to right and gradually gets narrower. Road on left continues past camp spot, but is gated closed in about a mile.

5. Forest Road 307A on Left

Bear right to stay on main trail. On left is 307A, which goes quite a distance before ending at a rocky outcrop. This side trip has several rocky challenges.

6. Left on F.S. 311.

We recommend driving loop clockwise. Bear left on Forest Road 311. Trail gets much narrower with several tight spots between rock outcrops.

7. Loop goes right.

To continue loop, bear right on 311A and drop down downhill through the trees on a fun little section. Before going that way however, we recommend you continue straight to a great overlook of the Air Force Academy.

8. Right to Overlook

At a point where the trail turns sharply left, note very narrow trail to the right. It continues a short distance to a great overlook of the Air Force Academy. Good spot for lunch. Short enough to walk if you don't want to risk brush marks. Left at Point #8 drops downhill to some difficult terrain where the trail eventually ends in tight trees.... More

9. Stay Right on 313.

To continue loop, turn right and head south. Left drops steeply downhill to another viewpoint of the front range.

10. Massive Rock Outcrop

Road turns left and continues south. However, stop here and walk to great rock outcrop on the right. Take your camera and watch the kids. Beware of high cliffs.

11. Continue West

Rejoin Forest Road 307 that you left earlier when you started loop. Not much to see to left where 307 continues west. It eventually ends at the top end of the Stanley Canyon Hiking Trail that departs from behind the Air Force Academy. No views.