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Beebe Pond at Callahan State Park

3.4 mile hike through Callahan State Park, Framingham, MA
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 3.4 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  This is another hike in the Callahan State Park. This area of the park is more 'wilderness' trails. They tend to be narrower trails ... more »

Tips:  There is no parking at this entrance. The parking area for the State Park located a short hike down the road and can be accessed by... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Beebe Pond

Nice place to sit and relax - There is actually a bench already present.

2. Beebe Pond

View of the pond from the end. There is a small outflow stream located nearby.

3. Old Fireplace

Old fireplace standing near the edge of the pond

4. Old Tree

An interesting old tree sitting in the mind of a field. There was a hawk perch on the branch when I arrived. It looks like you can cross the field to pick-up the trail again on the other side, although I backtracked to the original trail.

5. Small Church

An interesting little chapel. This appears to be private property although there weren't any postings when I past through and the trail seems to go past and continue on the otherside.

6. Trail Map

One of several trail maps that are posted throughout the park. There are helpful for orientation.

7. Meadow

Several pictures of the meadow above and overlooking the pond.

8. Meadow

A view of the sun setting behind the trees surrounding the meadow. The is a picnic table located nearby.

9. Meadow

View of the meadow looking up from the border near the pond.

10. Branch Trail that leads to Baiting Brook Christmas Tree Farm

This is a parcel of land located next to the State Park that is part of the Sudbury Valley Trust. There are several additional trails in this area.