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Mt. Rose

Pleasant trail through pine forest; plus a waterfall; a well-defined trail to the summit; and, views galore.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 10 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Your trail is very straightforward and pleasant to walk the entire way. You use a ridge on the foot of Mt. Houghton to gain 200 feet ... more »

Tips:  Directions -- From Truckee take interstate I-80 East 2.5 miles to CA-267/CA-89, exit 188B, towards Lake Tahoe. Drive 11.6 miles toward... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Summit Trailhead

No one is certain about the origin of Mt. Rose's name-even whether it came from a man or a woman. But, we do know that Church Peak , the twin summit on this ridge, honors Dr. James Church of the University of Nevada who established the first high-altitude meteorological observatory here and developed the modern science of snow survey, which is... More

2. Turn Uphill

Walk past the pit toilets to the trailhead, situated immediately behind them at the kiosk. Less than 100 feet past the trailhead is the hikers only trailhead for the Tahoe Rim Trail leading to the Mount Rose Summit Trail. The Tahoe Rim Trail Association supplies trail maps at the kiosk, which also reminds hikers of preferred wilderness practices.

... More

3. Waterfall

At a well-defined fork in the trail, momentarily leave your route and take the left-hand path which leads over to a Rocky cascade. Here at the midpoint of the trail, you have a great opportunity to refill your water if necessary. Cross a stream on the boulders that have been placed there for you and then continue through this marshy area along the... More

4. Wilderness Marker

From this intersection, we climb across one of Mt. Houghton's eastern flanks and then begin ascending the crease between it and Mount Rose. Climb these tree covered slopes, then cross to the North side of the ravine and resume hiking up to a saddle 400 feet above. Just before you reach the saddle, you will encounter the boundary sign for the Mount... More

5. Turn Right

Turn uphill to the right. The dirt and rock trail becomes somewhat scrabbly as it ascends the prominent ridge in a rather businesslike manner. After reaching the first switchback in one half mile, you may enjoy the chance to take in the scenery along with some extra oxygen. The switchbacks will lead you to a traverse of the northwest slope, where ... More

6. Mt. Rose

Some shelters have been erected to protect you from the wind. The thousands of California tortoiseshell butterflies are apparently unaffected by these gusts. From your perch here, you should be able to see Boca, Stampede, and Prosser reservoirs to the northwest. Mt. Haughton and Relay Peak are visible to the southwest, and Washoe Lake is seen to... More