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North Kinsman, South Kinsman and Cannon

This loop hike by Lonesome Lake and Kinsman Pond will have you following a ridge for both Kinsman Peaks and Cannon.
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 12.6 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  This loop will bring you past Lonsesome Lake in an old glacial cirque, past Kinsman Pond to the Kinsman Peaks which are the highest in... more »

Tips:  Lafayette Place Parking Lot Trailhead
The trail up to Lonesome lake leaves I-93 at the same spot as the trailhead for Lafayette but on... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trailhead

Lonesome Lake Trailhead on the west side of the highway at the Lafayette Place exit off I-93.

2. Lonesome Lake Trail Junction

You want to head south around the lake taking the Kinsman Pond Trail up to the Kinsman Ridge Trail.

3. Fishin' Jimmy Trail

Don't take the Cascade Brook Trail downhill. Instead follow the Fishin' Jimmy Trail up to Kinsman Pond.

4. Kinsman Pond Trail Junction

Continue upward on the Kinsman Ridge Trail from here and keep your eyes out for views of Kinsman Pond below as you start climbing. You'll return here to traverse over the "Cannon Balls" on your way to Cannon after you get both Kinsman Peaks.

5. Summit of North Kinsman

This 4,293' summit is wooded but if you walk east to the edge of the ledges over Kinsman Pond you will find some views.

6. Summit of South Kinsman

This 4,358' summit is open with many views all around especially of the Franconia Range to the east.

7. Traversing the Cannon Balls

Not many views from these, just a lot of ups and downs of the trail as you cross over all of them!

8. Lonesome Lake Trail

This trail returns you to Lonesome Lake to complete the loop and take you back to the car. Pass by this for now and continue Northeast along the ridge towards Cannon

9. High Cannon Trail

A High Cannon Trail leads down this ridge back to the trailhead cutting off Lonesome Lake. This trail is steep and not as well maintained but if you are a balanced hiker may shave time and mileage off the loop and give you a totally different perspective on the way down. Head on down this trail if you are feeling ambitious.

10. Summit of Cannon

There is a deck in this area around radio towers that you can climb up onto for views back over the Cannon Balls and at the surrounding peaks.