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Gold Lake Snow Park to Odell Lake Viewpoint

Easy snowshoeing/cross-country ski adventure, great for beginners, that takes you to an overlook of Odell Lake.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.5 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Want to learn to snowshoe or cross country ski? This is a great beginners trail to learn how. The reward is a winter view of Odell... more »

Tips:  Located one-half mile northwest of Willamette Pass on Hwy 58, turn on Abernathy Road 5899, approximately 30 miles east of Oakridge.

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Points of Interest

1. Gold Lake Snow Park

This snopark is situated at 4800 feet elevation. Marked routes offer a variety of terrain and scenic vistas.

Facilities: vault toilets, warming cabin, orientation maps. Volunteers from the Backcountry Ski Patrol staff the area on weekends and holidays. Food and telephone are located nearby at Willamette Pass Ski area.

2. Trailhead

3. Diamond Peak in the Distance

The mountain in front of you is Diamond Peak

4. Junction

Head uphill.

5. Junction

Stay on the right trail here to head to the Gold Lake Shelter

6. West View Shelter

7. Odell Lake Viewpoint

Odell Lake was named for Oregon Surveyor General William Holman Odell by B. J. Pengra in July 1865 while they were making a preliminary survey for the Oregon Central Military Road, which would later become Oregon Route 58. The lake fills a basin carved by a glacier, and the resulting terminal moraine confines the water along the lake's southeast... More