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Drinking in Portland

Exploring the craft beer capital
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 13.8 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  The culinary scene is so highly evolved in Portland that drinking requires a separate entry from food. And drinking is not just... more »

Tips:  Wear closed toe shoes; some of the breweries won't let you in without them.

Directions are given using public transportation, but you... more »

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Points of Interest

Widmer Brothers is one of Portland's largest and most venerable brewers, open since 1984. The beers include a hoppy IPA, 2 gluten free beers and the flagship brew, a citrus-y unfiltered Hefeweizen. There are seasonal brews, some only available in Portland, so ask what is the freshest.

The brewery offers free tours (with tastings), Fridays at 2pm... More

Lucky Labrador Brew Pub has 3 siblings: a tap room, beer hall and public house, all serving handcrafted ales.

Each Lucky Lab has at least 8 of its beers on tap, plus a Cask Conditioned Ale, beer from a Nitro Tap with finer carbonation, and a rotating guest tap.

You can sit outside to eat and drink. Locals bring their dogs, who share communal... More

House Spirits Distillery makes a botanical Aviation gin, Aquavit, and small batch limited spirits. You can sample the changing small batch spirits in the tasting room. Some of the artisan spirits are distributed nationally, like the citrus-juniper gin, but you can try seasonal liquors here that rarely leave Portland.

Take a distillery tour... More

After a couple of beers, you might want to load up on caffeine to keep momentum. Stumptown Coffee Roasters is the perfect place for this. The local chain, which has spread to NYC, roasts its own beans to perfection.

Try a latte with an artful design or a cold brewed coffee.

Walk a half mile to SE Belmont and take the 15 bus 11 stops towards... More

Clear Creek Distillery is one of the oldest local distilleries, open since 1985. It specializes in using local fruit in brandy, eau de vie, grappa and iqueurs. There's also a Scotch-style Oregon Single Malt Whiskey.

Take the 15 bus 34 stops towards NW Thurman St from SE Morrison & 7th. Get off at NW Thurman & 23rd Pl and walk 2 blocks;... More

6. Concordia Brewery

Concordia Brewery is Portland recycling at its best. An elementary school was recycled into a brewery and hotel, with bars, restaurants and a movie theater making The Kennedy School an entertainment hub. Brothers Mike and Brian McMenamin own several other Portland brewpubs.

Beer is brewed in the "little girls' room." Hammerhead ale and Terminator... More