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Seaside Oregon - 300 Mainline To Beerman Creek

An opportunity to discover Seaside and the surrounding coastal mountain range area with some great views...

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 17.1 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  The ride begins and ends at the Seaside Visitors Bureau parking lot. The ride climbs the back side of the ridge east of Seaside and... more »

Tips:  At POI 4, enter the forestry gate and stay on the paved road past a chain-link fenced area on the right about 1/2 mile beyond the gate... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Seaside Visitor Bureau & Information Center

Head East along Broadway to the junction of Broadway and Wahanna Rd.

The Seaside Visitor Bureau and Seaside Chamber of Commerce are co-located at the junction of Hwy 101 and Broadway. The Visitor Bureau provides information on Seaside, the surrounding area, Oregon, Washington.

The Visitor Bureau also provides valuable information on tide tables,... More

2. Broadway - Wahanna Rd Junction

Head North (left) on Wahanna Rd for a mile or so to the Wahanna - Lewis & Clark/Crown Camp Rd junction. The road is a steady climb with a 8% gradient for most of the way to the crest of the hill.

3. Wahanna Rd - Lewis & Clark/Crown Camp Rd Junction

Take a right at the junction to head up Lewis & Clark Rd hill. On the right at the junction you will see the North Coast Family Fellowship Church as a reference point

4. Entrance To The Forestry

The entrance to the forestry is over the summit of Lewis & Clark/Crown Camp Rd. Please read the sign as to the rules of the forestry.

5. The Campbell Group Forestry Headquaters Building

You can purchase forestry maps from the headquarters between the hours of 10-5 Mon-Fri. The cost is $3 and is well worth it. Always take a map with you.....

If you have reached this building on your ride you have missed the junction that you should have turned right at 100-200 yards behind you

6. Off The Road And Into The Forest

The tracks on this route are logging roads, are wide enough for two vehicles and mostly flattened hard gravel. Remember this is a working forest so be please be respectful of forestry vehicles if they are in proximity. Despite the width of the roads and trails they are uneven and can be rough in places. Make sure you take a suitably prepared... More

7. View Of The Coast

Looking West towards Seaside along the trail. Many of our trails offer great views of the coast and coastal mountain range.

8. Elk Herd

Elk herds are frequent during various times of the year

9. Forestry In Bloom

The forestry has an abundance of wildlife.....

10. On The Trail

many of our trails involve a climb either way along it. At this point you are nearing the end of the climb and ready for a great descent of the trail back to Seaside.

11. Beearman Creek Rd - Forestry Gate

The forestry road ends here and asphalt begins again allowing good speed on the downhill slope.

12. Beerman Creek - Hwy 101 Junction

The point where Beerman Creek Rd reaches Hwy 101. Head North (right) at the junction to make your way back to the Seaside Visitor Bereau