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Baal Pit and Carn Grey - the BIG one.

A circular route of martian landscapes and ancient tors. About 1 - 2 hours.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.1 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is an excellent walk with only a few hills but fabulous views into an industrial lanscape that is gradually being terraformed.

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Tips:  There's obviously no loos or shops here so bring everything you need. You'll also need decent shoes as the path surface can be uneven... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Car Park

This is the start and end of the walk.

2. Turn Left

Almost at the brow of the hill there is a clear path going left follow this up to a kissing gate and go through. From the kissing gate you can go straight ahead or right both routes join each other again in about 5 minutes. Straight ahead gives lovely views over St Austell Bay, right gives you views over the clay pits.

3. View over St Austell Bay

Depending on visibility you can see along way up here. To your far right is Black Head at Trenarren and to the far left of the bay you may be able to spot a red and white tower; this the the Gribben Head daymark. Just coming in from the daymark you may be able to make out Par Docks, this was the main point of export for China Clay for the world.

4. Heath Land

This is a lovely wild spot, full of bogs, heathers and Skylarks. If you want to find one of the hidden bogs take a white dog.

5. Dog stop

This is the first of three points where a road runs close to the path. If you have an exuberant or "deaf" dog that doesn't like to walk to heal then this would be a good moment to put him on his lead. I have marked on the map a good place to release the dog, where he can once again run like a loon.

6. Turn Right

Turning left will take you over to the Sky Trail, available on another guide.

7. Dog free

OK- you can let them off the lead now. I'll let you know when the next stop is. The trail is a bit rough here.

8. Views into Baal Pit

The pit in its various colours and seasons.

9. Straight ahead bearing left

From here you can dramatically shorten your walk by turning right. Good option if the heavens are closing in on you otherwise carry on.

10. Gilbert the Goblin's house

This conical hill is a slag heap of waste products from the Clay industry. Mostly everything you can see or are walking on is a waste product of the Clay tips. The more official name form this tip is the White Pyramid and until only 20 years ago still shone white, some 40 years ago there were lots of other white pyramids but this was the last. ... More

11. Dog stop

12. Free dog

Just beyond this gate you can let your dog run free again.

13. Lovely grass path here

Great spot for blackberries!

14. Dog stop

Last time you'll need to pop the dog on the lead.

15. Tricky spot here

Locked gate here and barbed wire. So either climb over or under. There are no signs about trespassing, indeed the path in both directions ends here so I don't understand the awkward access. In front of this gate is a second gate this is open as often as it is shut but it has a sliding bar so no problem with getting through here.

16. Free dog

OK, that's it now, free range dog until you get back to the car. Incidently this is the half way mark.

17. Take the left hand stye

As you walk along the path you will see two gates in front of you, head towards the left hand gate and along side the wall on the left you will see a make shift style. Up and over!

18. High road or low road.

This trail follows the high road but if you want to say on the path don't worry we'll meet up in another 5 minutes. To take the high path just follow the fence on your right and head up.

19. Stunning Views over Bodmin Moor

Although you can see as far as the moors from here you can't see the driers which are just in front of you hidden by trees! Look at this guide with satellite view to see the works. These are still in use.

20. High road and low road meet again.

21. Carry straight on

but if you turn sharp left you're on the trail to the Eden Project. About a half an hour's walk.

22. Through the kissing gate and turn right for a dip.

Off to your right hidden in the trees is a large waterlogged quarry. Lots of kids swim here but if you are not a confident swimmer DON'T, the edges are sheer and only feet from the shore. However, it is an idyllic spot to rest and paddle.

23. Up and over or around?

At this point you are at a cross roads, go left to follow a path leading to the Tor in front of you. you will need to backtrack if you do. Alternatively walk on or go left up hill.

This trail goes straight ahead because my legs were tired but going right up the hill is wonderful. As you climb you will come to a clear path heading further up the... More

24. Rare thing on this walk - a bench!

25. Standing Stones

Not original features! See if you can spot a charge bore hole in one of the stones.

26. Blue green ponds

27. Homeward bound

The path is straightforward now in fact from here you can see a hut on the path, that's pretty much where you started

28. Alien Landscapes

Episodes of Doctor Who were filmed here and you can see why. http://www.doctorwholocations.net/locations/oldbaalclaypit

29. Journey's End

Turn left down the track and you'll come back to the car park. More information about where you've been can be found here.

30. Carpark

31. Carpark