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Wild Trails FA 50K

Annual event hosted by Kris and Randy
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 31 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  The idea of an FA run is casual, yet minorly serious, competition with no prizes, little support and a great atmosphere. This course ... more »

Tips:  There are numerous trails on Lookout Mountain and taking a wrong turn is common. I missed the Jura Trail on my way back to the finish ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start of Guild Trail

The run begins where the Guild Trail crosses Ochs Hwy. There is a small parking lot at this intersection with information and signs. The Guild Trail is built on the bed of the old C and LM Railroad and is a mostly broad gravel path allowing for side-by-side running. Watch for bikers along this portion of the route and get across the road quickly. ... More

2. Under the Incline Railway

The Guild Trail passes under the Incline Railway heading for Ruby Falls. Oh, to be a tourist in Chattanooga, so much to see. There are a couple of bridges over large chasms in the terrain and finally you arrive at pavement signaling the beginning of Ruby Falls.

The Guild Trail crosses Scenic Hwy at Ruby Falls. Watch the traffic here, cross the road and you are in the parking lot of Ruby Falls. Keep going straight to the back of the lot. The trail turns to gravel again.

4. Out of Parking Lot onto Gravel

Follow the Ruby Falls parking lot in a basic straight line to the back. There is a gate, go around and you are back on gravel. Next you will pass a gasline right of way.

5. The Jura Trail

The Jura Trail is on your right after crossing a gasline use the app or you'll liable to get on the wrong trail as I did.

6. Jura Trail merges with Skyuka Trail

After a nice little rolling descent the Jura merges with Skyuka Trail, which also runs out to John Smartt. Go left and then head uphill on Lower Gum Springs Trail.

7. Lower Gum Springs Trail meets Upper Truck Trail

After a climb you arrive at Upper Truck Trail. Take a left and you will meet the Guild again. Bear right and head for Craven's House. This is why the app is important to stay on course there are sooo many trails on this mountain.

8. Craven's Intersection

When you come up The Guild Trail you come to a barrier. Go around and continue up pavement around to right and you will see Craven's House in just minutes.

9. Craven's House

This historic home is the aid station for the 50K with water and drop bags staged. For those of you sightseeing enjoy the monuments, artillery pieces and plaques. The journey continues up and to the right in the woods. You will see a trail after you climb the hill. Back right corner.

10. Craven's House Monuments

There are a couple of cannons and a New York regiment's monument to see here. Welcome to Civil War history.

11. Craven's at Bluff Trail

Craven's Trail enters Bluff Trail and you will see a kiosk with a map. Take the Bluff Trail to right towards Sunset Rock.

12. Gum Springs Trail

The next intersection is Gum Springs Trail. A very tricky and fast and rocky descent. Not on today's route.

13. Bluff Shots

The Bluff Trail offers numerous opportunities to view the rock face of Lookout Mountain. The trail winds its way along the edge as you pass from these formations. it is worth the time to explore and you may even get to see rock climbers. They are usually out on weekends.

14. More Bluff

Around each corner is another rock formation. You are now in Georgia.

15. Bluff Near Jackson Springs.

The Bluff Trail presents many unique features with some narrow path areas along the rock cliffs. There are also sections where washout and erosion have made the hike dangerous. Use caution especially with children.

16. Jackson Gap Trail

The Bluff Trail intersects a trail to Jackson Springs. If you wanted to go to Covenant College head up hill. There is a series of trails over to Lula Lake and on to Cloudland Canyon State Park that will be in a future guides.

17. John Smartt

The John Smartt Trail is 2 miles long running from the Bluff Trail down to Skyuka Springs and the creek. This course only covers 1 of the 2 miles. If you need the miles and the hill work head on down and follow an alternate route back across using Lower Truck Trail or Skyuka.