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Hughlett Point Natural Preserve

Mrs. duPont's fantastic gift to the Audubon society!
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 1.9 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  This hike is on the Virginia Peninsula Audubon hiking bundle, one of three hikes.

This area is seldom visited, as it is mostly... more »


  • bring a blanket to sit on the sand by the beach
  • free
  • bring suntan lotion / water
  • lunch on the beach!

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Points of Interest

1. trailhead, history, and parking

the trailhead lists the history that the duPont family had (namely Mrs. duPont) in giving this area to the Audubon Society for birding!

easy hike, sit on the beach.

2. starts with a boardwalk

the trail starts with an easygoing boardwalk, going through a pine forest.

note that this area is completely different than the 2 other in the Virginia Peninsula Audubon hiking bundle! Unique birds to this type of area from the other two :-) (yep it was created that way)

3. pine forest

in this pine forest, youll find plenty of smaller birds than the other two hikes...

such as cardinals etc... (saw a hummingbird also)

4. beach intersection

intersection path for the beach....

multiple beach points with two overlooks on the right trail, and beach access on the left trail.

5. north beach trail

this is the north beach trail

plenty of additional walking along the beach to do...

great spot to throw a blanket and enjoy the day

6. wide pine trail

this is a very wide pine trail,

watch to the right for birds, you can hear plenty of nests!!

i was looking for eagles this day, but i didnt spot any... the trees are right on the point for them too!!

7. lookout point

this lookout has a nice view of the bay and marshy area, you cant access the beach from it however.

8. more birding points and nests

alot more birding in this area on the right, and lots more nests..... can hear them :-)

still no eagle... but keep looking! this area is right for eagles.

lots of tall barren trees to on the point.

9. beach endroad

this is the end of the trail on the beach!

lots of trees on the shore

not many people today.

expect to see some people because of the beach

10. circular lookout

this is a great lookout that lacks benches!

another panoramic area of the marsh that meets the bay however the area is clear of trees.

some barren trees extend to this part of the lookout.