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Mt. Spokane - May/June higher elevation hike

Specifically for hiking to the top of Mt. Spokane in MAY-JUNE, while the north side trails are still SNOW covered.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 9.2 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  NOTE: There is another guide for hiking to the top July through October.

• Hike Time: 4:20:28
• Distance: 11 miles
• Ascent: 1377... more »

Tips:  If you are using the phone App, go online for web links to park resources, trail video, and 360º panorama interactive photos.... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Park at Bald Knob campground and take trail 130 across the road.

... as you can see, I did not start the GPS until I was a bit down the trail. In any case, this is an out and back hike. If you are really early in the year, you might have to park at the Snowmobile Trailhead and hike up Summit Road.

The trail head is across the road from the parking lot - as show in the picture. The driving shot of Mt.... More

2. Trail 130 - Alpine type

This is the best section of the hike, really nice Alpine trail and great views. If you are going up on Mt. Spokane with non-hikers, this is an easy trail to take them out on. Its more or less flat, great views and gives you that mountain feeling. Checkout the video (taken with 8mm App, recreates old time video).

3. CCC Cabin

There are a number of cabins on Mt. Spokane. Good to know if your caught out in the rain. Or cold weather.

This hike was done June 20, after a mild winter. Right beyond the CCC Cabin is when I first encountered snow. Beyond here, I took the Mt. Kit Carson Loop Road to North Summit Road. Intending to take trail 135 back down - only to... More

4. Snow gate on North Summit Road

This is the highest snow gate on North Summit Road. Its an easy walk up, gentle elevation gain. Great views. Be on the lookout for bikers coming down the road.

5. Great views

Hiking North Summit Road you notice a lot of scenery that you do not take notice if driving up when the road is open later in the season. FYI - I would not recommend hiking on the road when it is open.

6. Vista house at the top

This is always everyone's favorite. I always tell kids that the rocks have been smashed by the giant troll who lives on Mt. Spokane. They look across the debris field and accept it as true, then ask where the troll might be right at the moment.

7. Great views

It can be difficult to figure out where everything is from the top of Mt. Spokane. Bring binoculars. Also, some compass Apps for smart phones will let you set a home beacon, which is the easiest way to start figuring things out. With binoculars, you often can see the sun shining off the airport runway, some 30+ miles southwest.

8. Video from the top

The links below are to some video's from the top - taken with an 8mm App for the iPhone, which recreates old time video cameras.

Also there are some interactive 360º panoramic photos, use the mouse to make them move.

9. More hiking

When you get back down, if you are eager to get a few more miles in, Trail 130 is a logging road at this point, easy to go out and come back in.

These pictures were taken on May 5, 2013. As you can see there is snow, but it was not big deal to hike through. Trekking poles did come in handy. Encountered snow around the 4,200 foot mark, but... More