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Kenosha County Bike Trail

Converted rail bed offers a flat, traffic free path to connect Kenosha to communities to the North and South.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 7 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Kenosha County Bike Trail follows the old North Shore railbed North-South through Kenosha County. There are two separate segments ... more »

Tips:  Sections of the trail that are wet should not be used until they have been dry for 24 hours.

When biking anywhere, always wear a... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Russell Road Bridge

A pedistrian bridge spanning over Russell Road marks the southern terminus of the Kenosha County Bike trail. The south side of the bridge enters Lake County, IL and connects to the Robert McClorey trail. A short spur just south of the bridge connects the trail to Russell Road.

The Robert McClory trail continues south through Lake County.

2. 32nd Ave. Access Spur

A short spur trail connects to 32nd Ave.

3. 116th Street

The trail crosses 116th Street. An oversized shoulder on the north side of 116th St. could accept one or two parked cars.

4. 32nd Ave. Access Spur

A short spur trail connects to 32nd Ave. in the Foxmoor Estates subdivision.

5. 104th St.

A small trailhead exists as the trail crosses 104th St. A small volume of parking exists in the grassy clearing on the south side of 104th Street.

6. Rolling Meadows Park Access Spur

A short spur over a bridge leads to Rolling Meadows Park and 32nd Ave. The park includes a small field with playground equipment.

7. Springbrook Road Trailhead

Just north of the Springbrook Road/CTH ML, a short spur trail leads to a small parking area.

8. 93rd Street

The trails crosses 93rd Street.

9. 89th Street Trailhead

The trail ends at 89th Street.

Parking is restricted in the intersection of 89th and 30th Ave, but street parking is available on both sides of the street east or west of the intersection.

Although the trail ends here, you can follow the Pike Bike trail through Kenosha to the northern section of the Kenosha County Bike Trail.

10. 35th Street Trailhead

The trail continues at 35th Street.

There is no parking lot here, but on street parking is available.

11. 27th Street

The trail crosses 27th Street. On street parking is available.

12. 24th Street

The trail crosses 24th Street.

On street parking is available.

13. 18th Street

The trail crosses 18th Street.

On street parking is available.

14. 22nd Ave

The trail crosses 22nd Ave and picks up on the northeast side of the intersection of 22nd, 14th Place and Birch Road.

15. Pike Bike Trail

Here the trail intersects the Pike Bike Trail at it's northern trailhead.

The Pike Bike Trail heads south on 20th Ave. before turning east towards the lakefront. The Pike Bike Trail connects with the southern segment of the Kenosha County Bicycle Trail on the south side of Kenosha.

16. Petrified Spring Connector Trail

The trail intersects the Petrified Springs Connector Trail before contining across 12th Street/CTH E. The trail heads westward to connect to the University of Wisconsin Parkside campus and Petrified Springs County Park.

17. 7th Street/ CTH A

The trail crosses 7th Street/CTH A.

18. 13th Ave.

The trail crosses 13th Ave.

There is an area for a few cars to park off the road.

19. 1st Street/County Line Road/CTH KR Trailhead

The Kenosha County Bike Trail ends at County Line Road. The Racine County bike trail continues north on the north side of the road.

There is a small space for a couple of cars to park on south side of the road.