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Chiwaukee Prairie Ramble

Escape during a rural tour of Pleasant Prairie, WI.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 20.7 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Originally inhabited by pre-pioneer indians, this area offers something besides it's proximity to Chicago and Milwaukee. The settlers ... more »

Tips:  When biking anywhere, always wear a helmet.

Reflective and brightly colored clothing make you more visible to motorists, pedestrians,... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Prairie Springs Park: Veteran's Memorial Ballpark

Ample FREE parking is available here for the public. In addition, you will find water, vending, and restrooms. You'll also find ballfields, volleyball courts, and an archery range if your looking for activities to fill out your day before or after your ride.

2. Small Cemetary

An old, small cemetary tucked into the side of ML/Springbrook Road. It's trees offer a cool place to relax during a hot day and it's headstones offer a look into the local history.

3. Dexter's Corner

This was the home of pioneer John Dexter, after which this residential and agricultural area was named.

4. Kenosha County Bike Trail

The Kenosha County Bike Trail is a crushed limestone trail which runs south to the State Line and the McClory bike trail in Illinois and north into Kenosha where is connects to the Pike Trail.
A bit further east you'll be able to see Lake Michigan where the trees lining the side of the pavement meet the pavement and the horizon.

5. Chiwaukee Prairie & Carol Beach

As you head East across the railroad tracks, you'll be facing a panorama of Lake Michigan as you ride along side the Chiwaukee Prairie.

Originally known as Chiwaukee for being equi-distant between Chicago & Milwaukee, this residential area is now know as Carol Beach after being named after the daughter of real estate developer Joseph Shaffron... More

6. Public Beach

A small timber bridge spanning a creek introduces you to an unnamed public beach stretching northward.

Plenty of sun and shade alternate covering warm sand that tumbles down to meet the cool waters of Lake Michigan. This beach is popular with sunbathers and folks looking to cool off on a hot summer day. Although the water temperature rarely gets ... More

7. Kenosha Sand Dunes

The Kenosha Sand Dunes, part of the Chiwaukee Prairie Preserve, include a network of trails amongst the naturally occurring sand dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Walk-in access is on the other side of the gated entrance.

8. Keno Outdoor Theatre

The Keno Outdoor Theatre is the oldest operating drive-in theatre in Wisconsin. It features ample parking for movie aficionados who view two movies a night on the huge screen for the price of one. It opens about one hour before dusk.

9. Green Bay Road

You'll need to cross Green Bay Road, a four lane split highway, here to get back to Prairie Springs Park. Unfortunately, there is no traffic light at 85th and Green Bay Road (Hwy. 31). Riding on Green Bay Road (Hwy. 31) is NOT advised due to the large traffic volume.
The preferred method here is to head north on the frontage road, just east of... More

10. Prairie Spring Park

Turn right into Prairie Springs Park, home of Lake Andrea, Wruck Pavillion and Beach, Lakeview RecPlex/IcePlex, multiple baseball diamonds, and nature trails in the woods along the Des Plains River.
Lake Andrea is popular with anglers, boaters, windsurfers, and swimmers alike.
Many geocaches pepper the park.

11. Lake Andrea Boat Launch

A paved boat launch extends into the Lake next to a small pier for non-motorized boat access. Anglers are often here trying their luck. NOTE: Anchors are not allowed in Lake Andrea in an effort to protect the submerged geothermal tubes which are used to warm the pool water in the RecPlex.

12. Wruck Pavillion and Beach

The Wruck Pavillion is your entrance point to cool off in the calm water at the Lake Andrea beach. The groomed beach features refreshing waters with a sandy bottom protected by life guards during the summer. There is also a concession stand/snack bar where you can rent different types of watercraft. The beach is open between Memorial Day and Labor... More

13. Nature Trails

A series of looped hiking trails through the woods take you to views of the Des Plains River, a wetland viewing platform, and a bridge over the River.

14. Joseph F. Andrea Plaza

This landscaped plaza offers a great view of Lake Andrea from the provided benches and a tribute to Wisconsin Senator Andrea.