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Loudon Heights Trails

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 8.6 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Loudon Heights
This high ground was occupied by Confederate general John George Walker during the Battle of Harpers Ferry, September... more »

Tips:  Maps are free and are located at the Visitor Center. Hike the White Blaze and Blue Blaze Trail to reach Split Rock (Loudoon Overlook).... more »

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Points of Interest

1. History in the Mountains

The marker inscription reads:
"I will pledge myself that there is not a spot in the United States which combines more or greater requisites...."
George Washington
May 5, 1798

Harpers Ferry's history and geography have influenced each other for more than 250 years. Early settlers crossed these mountains and operated ferries across the rivers.... More

2. Lower Town Trail

The Lower Town Trail begins at the center rear of the visitor centor parking lot. The trail is a nice walk down hill. When comming back, this short trail may be tuff for its stairs. You have to take large steps going up the stairs.

3. Road Intersection

Use caution when crossing the road. The visitor center shuttle bus uses this road.

4. Lower Town Trail

Follow the trail behind the road barrier.

5. Lower Town Trail

Use caution when crossing the road. The Loudon Heights Trail is on the Appalachian Trail and begins next to the entrance of the parking lot.

6. Appalachian Trail/Loudon Heights Trail

Follow the sign and take a scenic walk across the bridge.

7. Route 340 Bridge

You can see Maryland Heights Overlook, Jefferson Rock, Harpers Ferry Church, Loudon Heights, and Sandy Hook Bridge from the route 340 bridge.

8. Appalachian Trail/Loudon Heights Trail - White Blaze Trail

The Loudon Heights Trail forest entrance begins under the route 340 bridge. Follow the stairs down the bridge to reach this point.

9. Appalachian Trail/Loudon Heights Trail - White Blaze Trail

There is a small viewpoint next to the stairs. The trail continues up the stairs and across rocks.

10. Appalachian Trail/Loudon Heights Trail - White Blaze Trail

The trail continues above this tree. You may need to grab on to a rock or root to climb up.

11. Road Intersection

Use extreme caution when crossing the road. Cars drive very fast along this road.

12. Appalachian Trail/Loudon Heights Trail - White Blaze Trail

This is probably the steepest part of the trail. Follow the trees marked with a white stripe (White Blaze Trail). Use caution when walking back down.

13. Trail Intersection

Make a left towards Sandy Hook Bridge. Follow the trees marked with a blue stripe (Blue Blaze Trail).

14. Loudon Heights Trail - First View Point

Harpers Ferry Town, Bolivar Heights, and Sandy Hook Bridge may be seen from this viewpoint.

15. Loudon Heights Trail - Second View Point

Harpers Ferry and the Maryland Heights Overlook may be seen from this view point.

16. Loudon Heights Trail - Blue Blaze Trail

This huge boulder is along the trail. I wonder how the top boulder was able to roll down the mountain and stay on top of the lower boulder.

17. Loudon Heights Trail -Third View Point (Split Rock)

This location is known as Split Rock. This is a great spot to have lunch and to take pictures. The view is great throughout the seasons.

18. Loudon Heights Trail - Blue Blaze Trail

As an alternative way back, you may take the Orange Blaze Trail. The Orange Blaze Trail curve's around Loudon Heights and connects to the White Blaze Trail. I would suggest sticking to the same trail back down.

19. Loudon Heights Trail - Blue Blaze Trail

On the way back, you can see civil war camp ruins next to the trail.

20. Visitor Center

The Visitor Center has restrooms and vending machines. Feel free to read nearby historical information plaques on Harpers Ferry.