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Metal Masher 4x4 Trail, Moab, UT

You can’t talk about this trail without saying Widow Maker

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 18 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  Featured obstacles include Rock Chucker and Widow Maker. These obstacles have gotten much more difficult in recent years. Fortunately,... more »

Tips:  Breakdowns are common on this trail. Travel with a group that knows what it’s doing. Having a few mechanics along is always a good... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking Lot for Gemini Bridges Trail

You'll follow the first part of Gemini Bridges Trail to reach the start of Metal Masher. For details of this part of the route, see eGuide for Gemini Bridges Trail, available from FunTreks at EveryTrail. Unlicensed vehicles can park transport vehicles in the parking lot here, but there is a small fee.

2. Start of Metal Masher

Turn right here and drive north until you see heavy metal sign for Metal Masher.

3. Important Intersection

Turn right here onto lesser road following small brown posts.

4. Difficult Portion Begins

Turn left here to begin difficult portion of trip. Road is not always obvious so follow tracklog carefully.

5. Rock Chucker

Watch for giant rock ledges on the right. This is the optional extreme Rock Chucker. Trail circles around to the left and enters Mirror Gulch, a narrow canyon with a series of difficult ledges.

6. Overlook

One of the most stunning overlooks in all of Moab. Keep children back from cliff edge. There are no hand rails.

7. Early Exit Point

If you've had enough, you can continue straight here to exit Metal Masher Trail. Right goes to a nearly impossible obstacle called Widow Maker.

8. Bypass route to Widow Maker

Continue straight here to reach Widow Maker. Most vehicles need to be winched up this obstacle, so many people return to this point to take the bypass route heading southwest. The bypass is very complicated, but most people manage to wind their way through it. If you do it right, you come out above Widow Maker and can walk down to watch the action... More

9. Widow Maker

After coming up a steep, narrow road, bear left immediately. Go short distance and you'll see Widow Maker on the right. You can't miss the tire-blackened 6-ft wall. Very few vehicles get up it without assistance.

10. Intersect Little Canyon Road.

Head west about 3.6 miles on wide Little Canyon Road to Highway 313. From there, you can turn right and circle back to Highway 191 and Moab. To return to parking lot at Highway 191, head east and connect to Gemini Bridges road the way you came in.