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Behind the Rocks 4x4 Trail

Features extreme obstacles "High Dive" and "White Knuckle"

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Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 17.2 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Two of the most dangerous obstacles in Moab, High Dive and White Knuckle. High Dive can easily be bypassed, but bypassing White... more »

Tips:  Best and safest way to enjoy this trail is to sign up and do it during the annual Easter Jeep Safari. Plan on a very long day. Carry... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start of Trail

Turn right off Highway 191 and follow unmarked sandy road west. It turns south and gets rockier. You'll climb a steep, rocky hill to an easier road, where you'll continue west going past distinctive rock formation called "The Terra Cotta Warriors."

2. Bypass to High Dive

Road forks here. To right is extremely difficult "High Dive" followed immediately by "Upchuck." To avoid these dangerous obstacles, continue straight for bypass. Bypass is very steep and tight, but it's much easier than High Dive.

3. Picture Frame Arch

After High Dive, you head southwest to Lone Rock. You'll turn right and circle around the rock counterclockwise to Picture Frame Arch. This is a great spot for lunch. From here, you drop off a ledge and head north on a sandy road that soon goes back to slickrock.

4. Four-Way Intersection

Turn left at a 4-way intersection and head west. This stretch is most easy except for one difficult downhill ledge.

5. Back to Main Road

You reconnect with the main road briefly, but immediately turn away from it heading north uphill.

6. Hummer Hill

Optional Hummer Hill on right. People love to drive up and down this extremely steep, smooth slickrock surface. Go around it to the left if too itimidating for you.

7. Bypass to White Knuckle

To bypass White Knuckle, turn hard left here. This returns to the main county road, where a left turn takes you back to Highway 191. To reach White Knuckle, take softer left turn that crosses over a rusty pipe.

8. White Knuckle

This is an extreme obstacle that drops about 6 feet almost straight down off a ledge. If you do it cold turkey, and slightly misplace a tire, you will likely do a forward somersault with your vehicle. During the Easter Jeep Safari, most people tied a strap to their rear bumper. It only takes one or two people holding back on the strap to stop a... More

9. Stay Left

Stay left to descend into the upper part of Hunter Canyon (Lower Hunter Canyon is a hiking trail that goes down to Kane Creek Road.) Once in the bottom of the canyon, you'll curve around and actually find yourself under a large overhang at one point. Follow the canyon downhill.

10. Four-way intersection

You reach a major 4-way intersection. This is the exit route for Pritchett Canyon (available as an eGuide from FunTreks). This officially ends Behind the Rocks Trail. Turn left to return to main county road.

11. Main County Road

Main county road improves here and is more obvious as a main road. Stay left to reach Highway 191 in about 11.5 miles. (This county road is described in detail in Picture Frame Arch Trail, available as eGuide from FunTreks.)