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Jacksonville for the urban paddler

These waterways transform from backyards to remote escapes. The wildlife hiding there will amaze you.
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Our city is laid out around many small creeks which flow from sources inland to the wonderful Saint Johns. Usually access is easy,... more »

Tips:  Sunscreen, bug spray and plenty of water are necessities. Expect wildlife, and enjoy from a distance. This is Florida and we have... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Pottsburg Creek

To get the most out of this trip launch at incoming tide and you won't have to worry about falling water levels back in the canopy area. Paddle left from the ramp and watch as the creek narrows and winds along backyard docks and canals. Keep an eye in the trees for owls, Anhingas, herons, hawks and woodpeckers. The gar rule the water here, visible... More

2. Durbin Creek / Bartram Canoe Trail

History, wildlife and a pristine quiet paddle. Durbin Creek is a good example of 'Old Florida.' Primitive soft launch, mellow currents here are no problem but the tidal influence should be considered. Remember, if it's running out (north) it's getting lower too. Check the link to Julington Creek tides and add an hour to the times, we've been dry... More

3. Harborview ramp / Ribault River to Six Mile Creek

The Ribault is not for everyone. The trip is a mellow, easy paddle and the wildlife and flora will amaze you. Some of this waterway is a low income area, Not the 'Disney' experience. Lots of litter, towards the end of the paddle there is a trash 'field' trapped by screeners. Paddling through this is an experience in itself - keep going though,... More

4. Cedar River / Lighthouse Marine ramp

An easy and scenic paddle, this river will carry you through backyards, docks and boathouses to an undeveloped canopy area. There is an abandoned marina with derelict vintage boats to explore. Plenty of wildlife, keep an eye in the trees and don't be surprised at the surface action near your boat- the large gar lie just below the surface and spook... More