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Baby Jesus Ridge Petroglyphs and Loop

Great 8 mile hike near Catalina State Park
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 7.4 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview :  This little-known hike is a great one north of Tucson near the town of Catalina and north of Catalina State Park. Outstanding vistas ... more »

Tips:  Water, camera, leather gloves (for bushwhacking), hat, sunscreen, binocs (lots of birds along the way) and food.

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Points of Interest

1. Junction with Sutherland Trail

2. Old water tank near the beginning of the trail.

No idea how this got filled with water, but a evident water tank along Sutherland Wash.

3. Mike along the trail to Baby Jesus

4. One of many petroglyphs in the Baby Jesus area

Baby Jesus petroglyph site is one of the largest archaeological sites on the Coronado National Forest. There are over 28 different sites with over 3400 different glyphs.

5. Large people glyphs at the lower site.

6. Looking back toward the way we came.

7. Sunburst glyph

This is one of two "nipple" glyphs at the lower site that remain unexplained. A slight protusion on the rock is surrounded by either the image of a sunflower or sunburst.

8. More images along the trail.

9. View down the wash from the Sheep Tanks.

10. Looking down the canyon.

11. Looking toward Sanmaniego Ridge

12. Bushwacking toward the Sutherland Trail.

13. Looking south from our bushwhack.

14. Is this Baby Jesus?

Baby Jesus or Grizzly bear? We heard that there is a rock that looks like an image of a young Jesus kneeling and praying, but we never really found anything that we could identify.

15. Another rock that is Baby Jesus?

Baby Jesus?

16. Jim pauses along the trail

17. Beautiful cottonwoods in the wash

18. Plethora of petroglyphs

19. Jim at the large panel at the Sheep Tanks.

The is one of the largest panels of petroglyphs in the area with lots of interesting images.

20. Looking down canyon from the Sheep Tanks

21. In the wash

22. Odd formation

A really weird and odd formation during our bushwhack between the Sheep Tanks and the Sutherland/Baby Jesus Ridge Trail. Erosion created this.

23. Quartz intrusion in the rock.

24. Majestic saguaros

25. Sagauro forest along the trail

26. Clouds are great in Arizona