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Traveling San Antonio Via Your Palate

There is great Tex-Mex in San Antonio, but there's also excellent Italian and American cuisine.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4.8 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This food-lover's tour begins with a hearty Italian breakfast, promotes walking it off while shopping for gourmet specialties and... more »

Tips:  If it's a Saturday, you may want to bring some bags with you to pack your farmers market goodies in.

What to wear: Since the... more »

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Points of Interest

Il Sogno Osteria is located in a unique setting — the historic Pearl Brewery. The restaurant is notable for several reasons, including the quality of the food and service, but also for the owner.

Culinary Institute of America graduate, Chef Andrew Weissman, used to own Le Rêve (French for "the dream") in San Antonio, and it was regarded as the... More

2. Melissa Guerra

Have you been looking for a molcajete (stone mortar), molinillo (wooden chocolate frother), comale (cast iron griddle), tortilla press or tortilla basket? How about those speciality Latin American ingredients, such as chiles or chocolate (chocolate was discovered in Latin America)? There's a good chance that a store, Melissa Guerra, in the Pearl ... More

3. Taco Taco Cafe

San Antonio is the Tex-Mex capital of Texas (Austin is the state capital), but do you know where to find the best tacos in the nation? Right here, in San Antonio at a tiny restaurant called Taco Taco Cafe.

Seriously, it does have great tacos. It was deemed the best by Bon Appétit, Current's Best of San Antonio, WOAI, San Antonio Magazine, Texas ... More

4. Central Market

Why would a supermarket be worth a stop if you are on vacation? Because Central Market isn't any old grocery store. It's a gourmet's haven.

This is where you'll find:

• unique, fresh, hard-to-find produce;
• top wines from around the world;
• a cheese counter that can rival any;
• an enormous bulk section with grains, dried foods, nuts, coffee ... More

Cappy's Restaurant is one of those secrets locals like to keep to themselves. It's tucked away behind a small shopping strip, just off the main road going through Alamo Heights (a city within San Antonio), and many guests make reservations since it fills up quickly.

In the beginning, Cappy's almost never opened. George Geis, approached a... More