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San Antonio Highlight Tour

These are some of the spots that best represent San Antonio.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 5.3 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This tour includes many of the city's best spots to visit. The tour begins with a boat tour of the Riverwalk. This is a great stop to ... more »

Tips:  What to wear: Since you'll do a good amount of walking, it would be a good idea to dress comfortably.

Light layers are a great way to... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Riverwalk boat tour

Robert Harvey Harold Hugman, an American architect, is the man behind the Riverwalk. He submitted his plans for The Shops of Romula and Aragon in 1929. However, with the country in the midst of the Great Depression, development plans had to wait for a more lucrative time. Former mayor Jack White led a group of citizens, Congressman Maury Maverick,... More

Filled with Mexican art, clothes, jewelry, and food, El Mercado (or Market Square) has been around since the 1820s. (That's before Texas joined the union.) There are seven buildings that make up El Mercado. all brimming with Mexican goods and food.

The newest, Museo Alameda, was added in 2005 and was the first formal affiliate of the Smithsonian... More

"Remember the Alamo!"

It's the motto Texas schoolchildren learn about the mission where a small band of men held out for 13 days against General Antonio López de Santa Anna and his Centralist Army.

The building best known for its iconic shape isn't the Alamo, it is a shrine. The Alamo is actually a complex originally intended to be a Roman... More

This museum has the largest collection of ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman art in the southern U.S.; and its Asian collection, mostly of Chinese ceramics, is considered one of the finest in the country. It also is one of only a few museums in the country with a Tibetan sand mandala. Usually after the monks make a mandala, it is destroyed in a... More

Pearl Brewery was the largest brewery in Texas when the company produced 110,000 barrels in 1916. Now, it is quickly becoming a cultural center. There are leading restaurants such as Il Sogno Osteria and the Sandbar; educational facilities for the Culinary Institute of America, Aveda, and American Institute of Architects; and a wide variety of... More