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The Lion, Roccapina, Corsica, Corse

Roccapina beach, a short hike to the lion crown. La plage de Roccapina et la couronne du Lion
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.6 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  The proud rock of the lion in Roccapina, lying lazy, seems to muse on while looking at the skyline over the sea.
This guide describe a... more »

Tips:  Fantastic short walk (200m) to go to the rock of the lion, do not miss! The Lion is difficult to reach because of the shrub-lands.... more »

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Points of Interest

1. The rock of the lion seen from Roccapina

You'll need to drive 20 minutes by car on a difficult road to reach Roccapina beach. There is a parking close to the beach and camping possibilities during the summer days.

2. Genovese tower

After 30 minutes walking you'll reach a very nice medieval tower. Do not enter in the tower.
There is a great panorama on the beaches Roccapina and Erbaju and on the lion from the tower.

3. The lion and genovese tower seen from Erbaju beach

Erbaju is a beautiful long beach, wild and desert. Paradise! Some good waves for surfing.

4. The prestigious and majestic lion king of Corsica

The famous crown is not natural. From the back perspective the lion looks like an old sleeping king.
La célèbre couronne n'est pas naturelle. de profil, le majestueux lion ressemble à un roi dormant.

5. The crown and the genovese tower

Pictures show the lion crown with the view on the genovese tower.
Climbing in the crown is highly dangerous with major risk of lethal fall. I do not recommend to do this even if your are a frequent climber unless you have a rope. It is not that difficult as I climb this part without rope and with normal sport shoes, but any mistake would be... More

6. Panoramic view from the crown

The crown is the by far highest point in the region so that it offers great scenic views on the surroundings.
Avoid climbing on the lion head if you are not used to climb, it's highly dangerous.
The panorama is almost the same from the lion spine and the genovese tower.

Le panorama depuis l'épine dorsale du Lion est fabuleux. Les plus courageux... More

7. Erbaju beach seen from the lion crown

The wonderful Erbaju is located 30 minutes walking from Roccapina.
It is a wild beach with nothing but powder soft sand and waves.

La superbe plage d'Erbaju est à 30 minutes à pied de Roccapina.

8. The lion head, frontal view

The lion head seen from the front looks like a statue of the french painter Picasso!

Turning around the lion to enjoy this specific view is not that easy. You will have to look for a way to pass, there is no lane. GSP data may help you but woods may change...

Superbe architecture, de face le lion a des airs de Picasso.

9. The lion in the sunset with the genovese tower. Just breathtaking.

The rock of the lion and the Genovese tower seen from the road Bonifacio-Sartène. World famous postal card of Corsica, the hike on the spine and head would be a corner stone of your journey and one of the great instant of your lifetime, for sure!!

Panorama de la route reliant Bonifacio à Sartène. L'un des grands moments du tour de Corse.