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Bonifacio, the medieval citadel: King Aragon steps, cliffs and battlements hike

Enjoy the white limestone cliffs, the King Aragon and the battlements steps: great scenic views. Traduction française.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 0.186 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Founded during the 9th century, the citadel of Bonifacio is the one of the greatest attraction of Corsica (see pictures).
The city is ... more »

Tips:  The best period to visit Bonifacio is during the hot days: from April to October. During the high season (middle of July to the end of... more »

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Points of Interest

1. The marina, Bonifacio. Le port de plaisance.

Arriving by boat or car, you should start the visit of Bonifacio by walking along the marina.
There are two big parkings near the marina and hotels on the both side of the marina. Is it probably better to choose your hotel on the opposite part of Bonifacio to enjoy the view on the marina and on the citadel.
L'idéal est d'arriver par bateau, avec... More

2. The steps Rastello. L'escalier Rastello.

The way up to the citadel by walk is very nice but quite difficult (steep). It starts with the steps Rastello, an ancient stairway. After crossing the road, you'll walk on the "montée Saint Roch" to finally reach the drawbridge which is the ancient entrance of the citadel.
La montée à la citadelle emprunte l'escalier Rastello puis la montée Saint ... More

3. Drawbridge and historical city entrance (only walking). Le pont-levis.

Very nice medieval door and drawbridge, really funny to get into Bonifacio through this historical entrance.
Le pont-Levis était relevé la nuit et lors d'attaques de la citadelle. Une deuxième porte protège l'accès à la citadelle. Les remparts sont percés de meurtrières pour tirer flèches enflammées, pierres ou déverser des liquides bouillants sur... More

4. great point of view

Stop on this small place to enjoy the view on the cliffs, the sea and on the Sardegna island.
Sur une annexe de la rue Doria, petite place avec une vue superbe sur la Méditerranée et la Sardaigne à l'horizon.

5. King Aragon steps, l'escalier du roi d'Aragon.

Probably caved by monks, these stairways lead to a source of drinking water. But there are plenty of legends on these steps. Some hold that the stairway had been caved in a few hours by soldiers to allow the flight of the King during a battle.
Be careful, there is a risk of fall! And a good effort tolerance is required as the way back is quite... More

6. King Aragon steps: fantastic lane caved in the limestone cliffs

The hike along the cliffs is about 300 meters long (10 minutes). At the end of the lane, you may walk on the rocks to reach the sea and enjoy a wonderful swim along the cliffs.
Superbe petite marche d'environ 300 mètres le long de ce chemin creusé dans le calcaire. Une grotte (fermée) et un accès à la mer termine le sentier.

7. Start of the battlements hike, tourism info point. Le chemin de ronde.

The hike along the battlements starts on the left side of the tourism info building. In this building you can have a free small guide of the city with some interesting historical infos.
The battlements hike start with a short stairway (80 meters) down to the marina. You'll feel like a medieval knight watching the neighborhood in this tiny tunnel. ... More

8. Battlements hike

The battlements visit is a wonderful short hike lasting 20 to 45 minutes. It's a hike on a medieval lane built on the top of the city ramparts and were soldiers, knighthood and king walked to watch the surroundings or relax safely.

Le tour du chemin de ronde dure entre 20 et 40 minutes. Ce superbe chemin date des 12ième et 15ième siècles. Comme... More

9. The hike along the cliff with the view on Bonifacio. Le sentier des falaises.

Do not miss this short walk along the cliffs with great panorama on Bonifacio, the sea and some rocks in the water. You may go up to a very cute beach indicated as a point of interest.

Le chemin part du début de la montée Saint-Roch. Il longe la falaise et offre un accès à plisuers plages superbes. L'aller-retour jusqu'au phare, visible à... More

10. Very nice beach

One of the few beach of Bonifacio, but fantastic

11. The small beach of Bonifacio

At the top of the Rastello steps, just on the left of the beginning of the Montée Saint Roch, there is a lane that goes down to a small beach. 10 minutes walk to reach this very cute beach down the battlements. Enjoy swimming there, with the view on the cliffs and Bonifacio, just wonderful.