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Ryan Air

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Ryan Air

Earlier today, my wife missed a Easyjet flight due to a mix up with passports. Our 16 your son was put on the plane, in the hope she could get onto another flight. He has flown alone before, so not a big deal. She called me in tears from the airport as there were no Easyjet flights with any unsold seats. Unfortunately Easyjet do not offer standby flights.

I found there was an Ryan Air flight leaving 2 hours later. She rushed over to Ryan air to enquire into this. The flight was full, however, they do offer standby. Well, in a typical Ryan Air fashion, they charge £250 and if the flight is full, too bad, you loose the money! yes, that is right, standby on a full flight costs £250 but if you can't get on, they don't give you your money back. Is this even legal?

As it happened, she did manage to get a seat, which was the main concern. I do think that this Airline really does deserve to go bust. Easyjet is no frills but they are club class compared to Ryan Air.

Anyway, she is flying club back (Easyjet).

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1. Re: Ryan Air

Sorry about your ordeal. Your thread definitely belongs to the Air Travel forum.


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2. Re: Ryan Air

what's this got to do with London?

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3. Re: Ryan Air


I have moved the topic on your behalf to the Air Travel Forum.


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4. Re: Ryan Air

So let's get this straight.

Your wife somehow messed up their passports and so couldn't get on the easyJet flight - all her fault - then couldn't get on another easyJet flight because they don't sell standby tickets at the airport. But she did get to her destination on RyanAir because they do sell standby. And you're blaming RyanAir?

"I do think that this Airline really does deserve to go bust."

-->> Did you stop and think before writing that? Obviously not. Because if RyanAir went bust as you wish, there would have been no standby ticket and your wife wouldn't have been able to fly today.

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5. Re: Ryan Air

Pointless rant.

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How can she fly back 'club' on Easyjet ?

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Your family messed up, “ how can Ryanair sell tickets for a full flight ?, what person buys a ticket for a full flight ?

Next time I would highly recommend you catch a coach or train, but make sure you sort your passports out first.

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8. Re: Ryan Air

Its unclear what was "wrong" with the passport as it was self evidently able to be used just 2 hours later?

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I can see why op is upset. He is willing to buy the ticket at 250. But it’s a standby and if wife does not got on he’s saying he loses 250 , no refund. No one seems surprised at this? I would be.

Kind of remind me what some airlines do w upgrade requests at airport. They make up pay first and if u don’t get it they are supposed to refund money, but times when you have to initiate and chase the money back.

one time we paid 40 dollars at kiosk to get what we thought was domestic biz upgrade seat (had platinum stat) but boarding pass said it was still economy. We asked agent and she said that was to get on list of upgrades. If we end up not getting it we would get money back. At the gate there were 30 pp on the list and we did not get it and never saw refund either. As it was not much I did not pursue but u bet I would never again falll for that scam again.

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10. Re: Ryan Air

Story doesn't add up, period.

Nothing to see here, move along.....