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can a convicted felon vacation in cancun?

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can a convicted felon vacation in cancun?

my fiancé and i would like to go to a cancun resort for our honeymoon and he is a convicted felon. however, he is no longer on probation or parole and he served his time on work release and house arrest. will he still be allowed into cancun with a valid passport?

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1. Re: can a convicted felon vacation in cancun?


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2. Re: can a convicted felon vacation in cancun?


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3. Re: can a convicted felon vacation in cancun?

Not necessarily. There have been several posts of people in the same situation who have been denied entry recently even though they had traveled to Mexico without issue many times before. I recommend you contact the Mexican consulate who will give you a definitive answer - you may have to apply for a visa before coming.

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4. Re: can a convicted felon vacation in cancun?

This has been asked a couple of times over recent months and there does not appear to be a definitive answer.

On the face of it, you would think he wouldn't have a problem but I've seen a few recent threads from people who've been happily travelling to Mexico for years who have just recently been denied entry due to convictions from years ago.

Here are a few threads that I dug up by searching the larger root forum of "Yucatan Peninsula":

- tripadvisor.ca/ShowTopic-g150807-i8-k7094921…

tripadvisor.ca/ShowTopic-g150805-i7-k4954029… (see in particular post #25)



If you search the forums for "convicted" you'll find a load more threads too but I've just linked to ones with relatively recents posts on them.

There are two main things that I took away from these conversations:

1. many people seem to think that having a valid passport will guarantee you entry into Mexico. It won't. A passport guarantees that you can get back into your own country (i.e. the country that issued the passport) but does not provide any assurance that any other country will admit you; and

2. something seems to have changed in Mexico is the recent months. Whether that's more open sharing of convicted felon information between governments or new rules or what, I have no idea ..... but the net result is that people who didn't have a problem before are having an issue now.

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5. Re: can a convicted felon vacation in cancun?

A year ago, I would have said - absolutely yes (from personal experience); but there have been a couple of threads here over the past few months which have included posts from numerous individuals who have been turned around and sent home by Mexican immigration authorities. Now I certainly don't know the specifics about each case, charges or disposition; but it seems like the MX and US governments are now sharing more information electronically, so convictions are available on their computers at entry time. From the sounds of the posts, the extra scrutiny seems to be somewhat random. As in Canada, where a DUI conviction, let alone a felony, will get you stopped at the boarder and sent home. I would suggest contacting the Mexican consulate for a definitive answer.

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6. Re: can a convicted felon vacation in cancun?

Well I would've said yes..but now reading some of these forums I am beginning to panic..My husband was a felon almost 30 yrs ago..and we have never had a problem..but reading some of these recent forums i am beginning to wonder!! YIKES!!

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7. Re: can a convicted felon vacation in cancun?

Yes....we had a felon in our group and they had no issues on more than one trip.

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8. Re: can a convicted felon vacation in cancun?

If there is any question then they should apply for a visa in advance. That is the only way you will know for sure unless you want to roll the dice.

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9. Re: can a convicted felon vacation in cancun?

The following is an extract of a document from the Mexican embassy in Canada about services to visitors to Mexico (embamex.sre.gob.mx/canada_eng/index.php…):

"Criminal record

Immigration authorities may decide to refuse the request to enter the country if the applicant is subject to criminal process or has been convicted of a serious crime as defined by national laws on criminal matters or provisions in international treaties or conventions that the Mexican State is party to, or if the applicant’s background in Mexico or abroad could compromise national or public security, in accordance with Article 43 of the Migration Law.

According to Article 194 of the Federal Code on Criminal Proceedings, serious crimes include all crimes that have a significant, negative effect on the fundamental values of society.

Serious crimes include, among others: manslaughter; terrorism and international terrorism; sabotage; piracy; genocide; prison break; attacks on public thoroughfares; drug-related crimes; corruption of minors; child pornography; exploitation of minors; falsifying and counterfeit of currency; rape; highway robbery; trafficking in minors; trafficking in undocumented persons; aggravated robbery; vehicular theft; extortion; crimes against the environment, committed with intent; forced disappearance of persons; bearing arms reserved for the exclusive use of the Army, Navy or Air Force; smuggling into the country firearms not reserved for the exclusive use of the Army, Navy or Air Force; smuggling and comparable crimes, and; tax fraud and comparable crimes."

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10. Re: can a convicted felon vacation in cancun?

When was your trip Tbone? We are supposed to be travelling this June to Riviera Maya and one of our friends is a felon. I'm beginning to get nervous for them.