Storm icons on weather sites do not necessarily mean rain!

This post courtesy of fellow DE Cassnu in an attempt to put into context the icons displayed on various weather forecast sites that prompt the unanswerable "What's the weather going to be like on .....?" questions that regularly appear. If anyone could answer those questions with any degree of certainty he/she would be retired from forecasting lottery winners! :-)

"For all those watching various weather sites throughout the world and getting worried that their holiday will be ruined, please note that just because a weather site shows dark clouds and storms this does not necessarily mean rain and in most cases the chance of rain is usually low - Thailand is a tropical country and tropical storm activity is prevalent throughout the whole country, but it doesn't always mean rain and if it does it is usually a short, heavy shower followed by glorious sunshine. The website that I use to check the weather is the Thai Meteorological website as it shows the percentage chance of rain which people seem to ignore and focus just on the storm icon - if the percentage is showing 20, 30 or 40% chance of rain, this is pretty low. This website also shows what the sea conditions are like.

For those that want a more in-depth weather forecast Windguru is the site to use:…

Here's hoping you enjoy your holiday, whatever the weather is like!

Edited: 18 December 2014, 20:13