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Nice airport car hire

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Nice airport car hire

Hi all,

on 3rd August my partner and I landed in Nice Airport and went to collect a small car from Alamo (which then turned out to be Enterprise Rent a Car). I had already booked the car through Expedia for the reasonable amount of £149 for the week and I left my credit card details and a deposit of 250 Euros.

When we returned the car on 10th August, without accident, the agent said that there was a hairline scratch on the body of the car. This was so fine that I could barely see it in sunlight. But we had to catch a plane so I signed the paperwork and left.

That same day, 10th August, 676.59 Euros were debited to my credit card.

I had covered myself against excess with a UK insurer which deals specifically with car hire, so I thought I would be ok.

However, the insurer, quite reasonably, would not consider a claim without supporting documentation, mechanic's bill or similar to prove that the car rental company had incurred the costs. They offered to ask Enterprise for the documentation, but 2 months later, nothing has materialised.

In the meantime, Enterprise have promised that they will refund me the full 850 Euros, and so the insurer have closed the case and still nothing has happened and I am still waiting.

I wish I had known this before hiring a car with this company, which is why I want to help others on these forums. I have never had any problems with car hire, but now I know what can happen. And be careful thinking that you are covered via an insurance company, because unless the car hire company release the supporting documentation, they will not consider your claim.

The reviews for Alamo at Nice Airport all sound great, but I have not been able to leave a negative review on the Alamo or Enterprise site or on any related site to warn future customers. This is the only place where I can warn you about them and I sincerely hope that this gets posted.

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1. Re: Nice airport car hire

We don’t know what you consented to when you signed the agent’s paperwork –whether you placed a limit on how much you consented to pay for the repair of a scratch. I don’t give carte blanche with my credit card. I have to agree on an amount first, regardless of the kind of business I’m dealing with.

However, were I in your position of not being given essential documents, I’d be ‘phoning and writing to ALAMO’s world headquarters in St.Lous, Missouri. Here are its contact details:


And then I’d do the same thing re. ENTERPRISE - wherever its world HQ is.

If it becomes necessary (which it could), speak to those companies’ Executive Offices and gain a contact person with authority in them whom you can call again....in an attitude of showing your wish to work with that person to solve the dilemma you’re being placed in.

I’d also press the insurer to keep pressing ENTERPRISE to send you that missing documentation you sorely need pursuant to the insurer’s (reasonable) requirement of a car rental supplier or middleman (non-parties to your insurance policy) providing you proof of damage and repair costs. Otherwise, insurance coverage that you cannot claim on would become a bum product for consumers to buy! (Imagine if a dentist refused to give you documents you need from him/her to claim reimbursement from your health insurer for expensive treatment you had and paid for while on holiday.)

What a costly hassle you’re going through. It’s not fair. If nothing you do succeeds, there are a few UK consumer complaint websites to file your complaint and warning on. Many British travel and rent cars. I can’t remember the name of one UK website which invites the consumer business being complained about to respond to complaints about it. When the complaint involves a lot of money or reflects serious non-service and the business does nothing and doesn’t explain why, consumers notice that.

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2. Re: Nice airport car hire

Another shameful hire company to AVOID!

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3. Re: Nice airport car hire

Had a terrible experience with Alamo. Our flight reached 1 hr late - when we got to counter the lady (who was very rude) mentioned that our booking had been canceled due to 1 hr no show! She was not able to produce any document that stated this policy.

I had to therefore get a booking with EuroCar on the spot and paid 3X for it. Worst part was that we realised that Alamo was doing this to other clients as well because they had simply run out of automatic vehicles. Instead of being honest, they were turning clients away for being 1 hr late to pickup car.

Very disappointing..

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4. Re: Nice airport car hire

Nice airport car hire

2:14 pm, today

We had a comparable if not identical experience at ENTERPRISE Nice Cote d'Azur airport. Not only the manager ALYSON, lacked of professionalism at the reception of our vehicle but she was borderline rude. WE had contracted with Airport Rentals, Alyson could not find our reservation and prop us into a new "rate".

Furthermore upon returning the vehicle, They find A scratch, imaginary I may say, we have photographs to proof it. This took place at 7 o clock in the morning when they open the return office, we had only a very short time to catch our plane and certainly little time to argue.

I found ENTERPRISE employees ‘behavior totally disgusting, and it seems that it is a recurring scam. This is the second time this situation happened to us, the first time after we took photos of yet another imaginary scratch -it ended up being dirt-, it was resolved in situ

I have been a member Plus of Enterprise in very good standing for many years now, but I am now reluctant to rent a car in the future, and will let people and the Social Media know about being weary of ENTERPRISE Nice Airports and their business practice. Since these incidents only had happen to me at the Nice Airport, I may suspect it is a local "problem"

Judging by the response on TripAdvisor I am not alone in this predicament.

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5. Re: Nice airport car hire

Is there ÀNY car rental company that does not have a bad press ? This is a regular feature these days of the tabloids. I don't think Nice is anything special.


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6. Re: Nice airport car hire


I am not sure if it is a CarRentalCompany like Enterprise problem, I am a member PLUS of Enterprise and had not encouter that problem but at Nice, twice. So I think it is more a cultural problem and a " scamming" mafia type situation in airport. I rent in the USA, Belgium and EU on a regular basis.

You need to take your time to go around the car. make sure the car inspection is done in a well lit area. So you can tell the color of the car. Nice Enterprise, took the car into a dark corner, the employee will do a quick check round the car, whereas will take a loooong time to inspect the car for check out under flood light and frenzel lens light. Recommendation if the car is durty it gives them amunition, and any trace of dirt could be misconstruded for "a scratch"

"They" counted on the fact that people are in a hurry to catch their flight. By the way the estimate for repair is done totally outside the rental company juridiction, and is a "local"bodyshop.

Good luck,

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7. Re: Nice airport car hire

Worst rental car experience! Went to Alamo Rental Car at the Nice Airport. Took a day trip to view my friend's wedding venue. Returned the car 5 hours later & was told the left rear bumper had damage. It looked perfectly fine, no scratches or dents. We were so dumbfounded because we didn't hit anything plus we drove on the highway 100% of the time. The manager was rude and was not cooperative. She said her employees would have never released a car to us with this so called "damage" therefore we caused it. BULL! This is a reoccurring scam where they take advantage of tourists. It's appalling and completely illegal! My advice if traveling to Nice, don't rent a car with Alamo aka Enterprise. A simple trip turned into a 850 euro nightmare.

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8. Re: Nice airport car hire

Hi there, I had a similar experience exactly one year later on the 3rd August 2017. I tried a different approach and after 5 months i have been refunded in full. The approach I took was to request a chargeback from your credit card provider. You will need to set out in a letter what has happened to you and that the money was taken without authority. You will probably be offered some money but not all. Please persist and demand that all your money is returned. To justify taking the money they will need to provide the proper paperwork to the card company which they won't have. Good luck.

Major scam going on here should be known as CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE?

Edited: 31 January 2018, 07:18
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9. Re: Nice airport car hire

Also had a bad experience with enterprise car hire in nice.

Had excess of £150 taken for non existent damage on bumper They tried to get me on a hairline scratch 1st but luckily I spotted it on initial inspection. Was told it was two small to worry about but made them take note.

£100 deposit was also taken, They tried to get me for fuel tank not full even though the needle was above F, and had to prove to them I had just put £40 in 5 minutes earlier at nice airport.

They told me £100 would be refunded which it wasnt

After numerous emails

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10. Re: Nice airport car hire

Is there car rental company in Nice where an initial deposit isn't taken? The reason I'm asking is because I don't have a credit card and I've seen major companies like Hertz, Avis, Europcar taking up to 1200E deposit. Considering I only have debit card, I don't feel like withdrawing these money and hoping someone will return it after I fly back.

Alternatively, companies with smaller deposits (100-200E) may be an option, but reading comments how people never got these deposits back and also got charged extortionate amounts for minor scratches, makes me think that I should stay away from these 'underground' rental companies.

Given I only have debit card and can't afford 1000+ for deposit, I tried searching online for rental companies with no initial deposit / no credit card required / CDW included... but I didn't get any results, so if someone is able to point me to a rental company where I can potentially get away with debit card only and not pay 1000s, I will be grateful!

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