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Road Trip - Weather in mid May??


my wife and I are renting a car on 6th May from Barcelona and have it for 2 weeks with drop off in San Sebastian. We have booked 4 nights on the Costa Brava, after this we are hoping to spend a week in the Pyrenees followed by a couple of nights in La Rioja. Does this sound like a viable plan? Will it be snowy in the Pyrenees at that time? We have no interest in trying to drive in icy conditions. We just want to do some day hiking and appreciate the scenery. We were recommended to visit Pallars (Espot)and the Aiguestortes NP, Val d Aran; Torla-Odessa.

What is the best resource to determine which route to take? Would it make sense after Costa Brava to do those 3 places in that order and then La Rioja and finally San Sebastian?

Appreciate any and all advice