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Goldcar Increases charges on car collection despite prepay

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Goldcar Increases charges on car collection despite prepay

Goldcar's treatment of customers is completely unacceptable.

After booking online, and carrying their document saying all taxes were prepaid, on collection the representative presents me with a bill for an additional £70 in what he describes as taxes, with the ultimatum that I pay it or forfeit the booking and lose everything prepaid.

Unbelievably, he pointed to my rate and said "You booked a Crazy Smart rate, which is very cheap - of course we charge you more when you get here", pointing at the next more expensive rate.

Goldcar will not discuss complaints on the phone. After registering a complaint, I get a message containing an explanation related to a different customer's complaint, and a copy of their bill. On requesting a proper response, it's now a month with no reply despite several followup emails.

On the phone to try and resolve it, you are told "You must email your complaint and wait, they will reply in a week". When I point out that it's been far more than a month, they say you can open another complaint online, won't escalate to anyone, and ultimately put the phone down on you.

It is truly dreadful. They have been fined for this kind of thing in January ( konsumenteuropa.se/en/…

The bad practices still continue and there's no protection for customers.

I would never use them again and recommend that nobody else does.

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1. Re: Goldcar Increases charges on car collection despite prepay

Typical Goldcar !

Hampshire, UK
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2. Re: Goldcar Increases charges on car collection despite prepay

shame you didn't google goldcar reviews before booking. there are also many, many threads across TA in Spain (and Europe) about goldcar's practices.

i would strongly recommend you google reviews and check TA forums for any car hire company before booking them.

A harsh lesson learnt.

Baltimore, Maryland
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3. Re: Goldcar Increases charges on car collection despite prepay

I can't tell you how many threads I've read complaining about Goldcar.

Province of Girona...
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4. Re: Goldcar Increases charges on car collection despite prepay

Sounds like you were sold additional insurance, under a pretext of 'taxes'. Check your contract, for the small print and look at what you signed. It maybe worth contacting your credit card company and asking to initiate a 'chargeback'. It may work if you were mis-sold, or put under duress.

Sant Joan...
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5. Re: Goldcar Increases charges on car collection despite prepay

Hello Lafite64,

We would like to help you with the issues you described. I'll personally contact you through private message in order to initiate a further investigation of the issues you had. Please stay tuned to your personal profile’s mailbox, so we could keep in touch here. You’ll find this options at the top right of this page under your profile’s menu.

Kind regards,

Victoria R.

Goldcar representative.

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6. Re: Goldcar Increases charges on car collection despite prepay

Given all that I have read about Goldcar, I am amazed that Goldcar is still in business.

Sydney, Australia
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7. Re: Goldcar Increases charges on car collection despite prepay

>>I am amazed that Goldcar is still in business<<

It stays in business because of all the people who (like the OP) book with Goldcar without looking for reviews.

London, United...
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8. Re: Goldcar Increases charges on car collection despite prepay

There is a wonderful new invention called Google;


More constructively, and less cynically than the Bot Victoria R would have you believe, look at an excellent tripadvisor post on how to avoid being ripped off on car rental- by an experienced poster ceejayblue #1 at


But whoever you choose as a local operator, search online for reviews first; Goldcar get 1.4 million complaints.

Perth, United...
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9. Re: Goldcar Increases charges on car collection despite prepay

I wish I had read your review BEFORE I booked my car with GOLDCAR Rental in Girona Airport.

I placed my booking via Jet2carhire and pre-paid everything......or so I thought! When I received my car hire voucher from Jet2 it stated that the care her provider was GOLDCAR. I thought no more about it other than making sure I took my own private policy that means you avoid the huge excesses they always want you to take out the additional cover for. I have an annual policy which is a much more prudent way to take car hire. Never take this from the provider as this is how they make money..charging FAR too much for them.

So, I ordered a Smart Car for 4 passengers and paid Jet2 £40.09 for 3 days hire. The voucher told me that I had 0.38 Euro to pay at the counter. The voucher also stated that tax was included, airport fee/tax included, breakdown included, Collision Damage, Theft, Third party protection and no limited mileage included. Not included was damage waiver liability of 1100.00 Euro and Theft Waiver of 1100.00 which is misleading as it was noted as included just above it on the form! Anyway, I had my own insurance for this.

When I arrived to collect my car, GOLDCAR were abrupt and most unfriendly. No level of service at all. After a long wait, even though there were 3 members of staff serving and about 2 customers, we were served. They asked us to pay for the "additional insurance," I explained I did not require it as I had my own cover. He then said he needed to charge me "taxes and deposit for fuel." I asked for the breakdown of what was fuel and what was taxes. He didn't really know but eventually said 20.00 Euro for tax, 50.00 Euro for not paying car damage deposit and 130 Euro for Fuel Deposit.

I asked why I had to pay 20.00 Euro for tax and what was the 50 Euro for?

He had no clue himself and seemed to be making things up, he could not be bothered with me at all. I asked that they provided me with a breakdown in written form as I would have to take this up with Jet2 who had made my booking with this form and their paperwork did not state all these surprise charges. One female member of staff then shouted, "keep your voice down!" to me, I did not have a loud voice at the time, I simply was asking too many questions it seems and other people were becoming concerned for their own situation.

I said I am not paying 50 Euros...what for?

He then said the only way not to pay 50 Euros was to pay a deposit for the car on my credit card of 1221.00 Euros which included 121 Euros for the fuel and 16.52 Euro tax. I stated to write all this down, still no documents from them with this stated.

I asked how the values could be changing all the time and he said it depended on what deal you took as to what fuel and tax you paid. I really felt vulnerable and as if I was being conned, I also felt that my ill Mother was becoming distressed at all this so decided to just pay the 1221 deposit and the tax to end the horrible situation which we were so completely unprepared for. He then told me if I paid the 1221.00 Euro, even though the car hire was for 3 days, it would be 28 days before I would get it back! As it was a credit card, I couldn't have cared at this stage.

He then told e I had to walk to the farthest carpark to get the car and it I did not agree with the damage report I had just signed, then I had to walk all the way back and explain the differences. We accepted this and made the long journey to the car. Not easy to find.

The car had FAR more damages on it than had been noted. We spoke to another member fo staff who collects the cars and he said you must go back if you don't accept the report of you will be charged for the damages! Walked all the way back and marked the damages on paper. They accepted them without question (Think they already knew they were there) and I went all the way back to the car.

They are so unbelievably tight and nasty at GOLDCAR, they had even tied a ribbon over the back middle seat so it could not be used by a potential fifth passenger as I'd only paid for a Smart Car! I've never seen that before.

I'd NEVER use them again. I'm checking my card statement daily to see when and what charges I get back. Upon returning the car there were no staff available to check it so I had to use key drop. I don't trust them at all.

I will be writing to Jet2 next as their advert was misleading and they should not be using this firm. Their advert had also stated the Smart Car I was about to hire was brand new which was also false.

St Austell, United...
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10. Re: Goldcar Increases charges on car collection despite prepay

Or you could have read any of the thousands of other Goldcar posts or even watched the telly?

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