Como to Bellagio

I asked a couple of previous questions about Lugano vs Bellagio. It sounds like I need to visit both. We are going to be visiting from Zurich.

For a visit to Lake Como, I'm debating a couple of plans and I wonder what the knowledgeable people think. I currently have two nights booked at the Bellagio Metropole. I think it easiest to take a train from Zurich to Como then take a ferry from Como to Bellagio. If I decided to rent a car in Zurich and drive to Como can I park it at the ferry terminal? Or should I drive from Zurich to Bellagio and search for a parking space. That is the first question... train vs car and if car can I park at Como.

Second related question... I see there is a new Hilton in Como which people seem to like. Should I stay at the Hilton in Como then take a ferry to Bellagio for the day? Hilton obviously doesn't have the same ambiance as staying in Bellagio but I imagine the room would be bigger and nicer.