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Toronto, Canada
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Hi Everyone, I'm planning a trip to Europe in May 2016 and I'd love to visit Lisbon. I'm just wondering if racism is a big issue there. As a solo black female, will I be given a hard time at restaurants or hotels because of the colour of my skin? I know it's 2015, but I'm just a little worried. Living in Toronto, I've never even had to give this a second thought. I apologize if this has already been asked, but I can't seem to find anything on the subject.

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Lytham St Anne's...
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71. Re: Racism?

Wherever you go in the world you will find some people who are racist and many nice people who are not. This includes many from ones own town / city / village etc.

Not always white people who are racist to black / brown skinned people , it can work both ways .

If you are really worried about this then I suggest you stay at home , lock yourself in , turn off the television in case there is any offensive racial content

Then you don`t have to worry about racism .

However I would prefer to travel about ,not spend my short life worrying about something I can do nothing about . Become thick skinned and let it all ride over me. !

Derby, England
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72. Re: Racism?

Trust me, I'm white and English and have experienced racism.....funnily enough, never when they are taking my money

Durham, United...
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73. Re: Racism?

Yes it's a reply to the original post. You can get racist comments wherever you go in the world. I don't think it's something to worry about too much, I've had no problems in Portugal whatsoever.

Portalegre, Portugal
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74. Re: Racism?

"Yes it's a reply to the original post. You can get racist comments wherever you go in the world. I don't think it's something to worry about too much, I've had no problems in Portugal whatsoever."

The original question, from long ago, was specifically about Lisbon - Gazrob - have you ever actually BEEN to Lisbon? Some of your recent questions on the Lisbon forum would tend to imply that you have not - in which case I'm not sure on what basis you feel able to provide reassurance to a person intending to visit Lisbon?

"I've had no problems in Portugal whatsoever"

I don't dispute it - nor have I - but surely I'm not the only person wondering (but probably no longer allowed to ask) what race you are. I'm not a betting man, but I'd lay 99:1 you're not of Roma, and maybe 80:1 that you're not black. I'm very happy to be wrong. Visibly I stand out from the crowd in no racial ways in Portugal - how would I possibly know about racism here? When I lived in Africa, I was instantly different so I AM able to comment on racism in those places.

A few quick searches on the internet will show that the issue of racism in Lisbon/Portugal is NOT in the category of "You can get racist comments wherever you go in the world" - which is true, of course.

I don't feel the need to somehow "promote" Portugal, nor to sweep the problems it has under the carpet - surely someone asking a question on TA deserves, and has the right to expect, a "truthful reply" based on more than a rosy-tinted version of an ideal world? Platitudes, deductions, "politically correct" statements and wishful thinking serve no-one.

There are some references to actual experiences under my post #46 on page 5 - well worth a read.

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75. Re: Racism?

As a black person who have travellled in many parts of Portugal, i have not experienced racism myself. Heading to Portugal next week meself again. Enjoy..

Durham, United...
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76. Re: Racism?

I'm Caucasian. I'm not saying that there is no Racism in Lisbon but the chances are the op should be ok.

Edited: 02 January 2018, 04:20
Hammond, Indiana
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77. Re: Racism?

Thanks for the people who actually answered the question instead of grandstanding. My GF and I look forward to visiting Lisbon and taking in the Portuguese lifestyle and culture.

Pointe Claire...
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78. Re: Racism?

Racism is seriously not a problem in Lisbon or Porto. I am of Chinese origin and visited both cities by myself. Met lots of great people and became friends with some. Still keeping in touch 2 months after my trip.

Whatever problems there is, it’s typical with any tourist destination. Nothing more.

Lisbon, Portugal
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79. Re: Racism?


I'm Portuguese . No it's not at all. We have portuguese from all colours since Angola , Mozambique and Cape Verde for example wre portuguese territories. In the 70's plenty of people came from over there.

Of corse you can find an old taxi driver that still holds racists views but ven so you won't b treatead any different. As for the urban, younger generation ( I'm in my 40's ) that's pretty much over. I've lived in Paris and visited the USA and found it much worse there.

I hope you have a wonderful time !

Lisbon, Portugal
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80. Re: Racism?

My exact words I've been several months living in Paris and visited the U.S.A. I have the same opinion. If you do get some silly comment it probably has less to do with racism and more with your attitude. Even if no Country is free of racism I think here it's pretty good.

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