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Itinerary feedback

Hi TA family,

I am planning a 7 day trip (arriving at noon on Friday, leaving late morning next Friday) to Belize, with my husband and 2 kids (10y, 4y) and would like to get some feedback on our rough itinerary. Some bg info on us - we have travelled to many Latin American countries (Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua), love hiking (although we are a bit limited right now with the younger kid), wildlife and local culture.

The general plan is:

Day 1 - arrival at noon, drive to San Ignacio (3 nights)

Day 2 and 3 - Xunantunich, San Ignacio market, Iguana project... anything else we can fit in?

Day 4 - Belize zoo on our drive to Belize City, take ferry to AC (4 nights)

Day 5 to 7 - Hol chan + Shark Ray alley, Caye caulker, San Pedro

Day 8 - take flight out of AC to Belize airport, and fly back home (noon flight)

Here is where I would appreciate your feedback:

1. Itinerary: The main things we thought were super cool and must-dos are the Belize zoo (can be done en route), iguana project (at SI), and snorkelling (at AC). But other than those, I am open to any suggestions to add, swap or move around our plans. Also suggestions on how to organize events in the 2.5 days we are there.

I know ATM is a must-see, but I'm not sure if they will allow my 4-year old on that trip. Is there any other site we could visit either on our own or that won't be just a tourist trap? I heard Barton Creek canoeing is good, but seems pricey ($60+ USD) considering we have travel and do similar things.

I heard a lot about Chaa Creek, and the place seems amazing but we couldn't afford the overnight stay there. Do they allow day visits if you're not a guest? Perhaps we could spend a day there instead of some other activity in SI.

I would appreciate your feedback on how to arrange our stay at SI.

2. Transport: We were planning to rent a car from the airport for our SI part of the trip (3 days), so that we had flexibility to move around esp with the kids. We would return it on our way to AC. I believe in AC, we can rent golf carts to get around? Do we have to book these in advance and keep it for our entire stay at AC, or are there better options for getting around (pls keep in mind we have 2 young kids)?

3. Food: We are staying in small hotels for both parts of our trip (Rumors at SI, Ocean Tide at AC). Would it be wise to bring along some snacks with us from nearby grocery stores or are cafes and hotels easily accessible from where we are? Any other tips you can give us for this trip is always appreciated. I also read the other posts on the Forum, but not so many posts with young kids are available.

Thanks, in advance, to everyone who responds!!