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Bus from Yerevan to Tehran on a Thursday

After a long journey to Azerbaijan,Georgia & Armenia,6 of us want to take a bus from Yerevan to Tehran on 12th July (Thursday).Ticket will be from Yerevan to Tehran but we shall take the bus from Goris. We are not sure if our plan works because there is conflicting information regarding the bus available. In a previous 2015 post here, it stated that there is daily bus departure from Yerevan to Tehran.



But according to another updated website post, it says bus is available only on Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday & Sunday.If this is true, we won't be able to go Tehran by bus on Thursday.…

Is there any expert here on travel from Yerevan to Tehran able to help us regarding the time table for bus from Yerevan to Tehran? Will appreciate it very much if anyone is able to help, thanks in advance!