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Shenzhen mineral museum! a big time liar and cheater!!!

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Shenzhen mineral museum! a big time liar and cheater!!!

HELP! ! ! WE WERE ROBBED OF OUR HARD EARNED MONEY BY THE MINERAL MUSEUM! ! ! WE WERE SCAMMED! ! !We just arrived from our tour in Hongkong and china, a day after, i had our purchased jewelries from mineral museum in shenzhen checked, since i found it real cheap indeed, as what the tour operator Susie made us to believed while we where still in the tourist bus on our way to that mineral museum, saying the items n that jade factory are cheap and is 3 or 4 times more expensive when purchased in Hongkong. All of us in the bus made a lot of purchases, i personally bought worth almost two thousand U S dollars of jewelries because we were again informed by these chinese salesmen in that museum that it is made of 18 karat solid gold, genuine hi grade jade and genuine diamond! and that we will be issued a certificate for its authenticity. And so we bought, though when i was issued a certificate, i was sort of irritated because i was used to be issued a certificate for jewelries i bought to be formal in size and print, its content are written in detailed and in english that i can read well. Theirs is only about 21/2 by 4 inches in size, printed in chinese and it was handed to me after he wrote on it few chinese words which i can not read nor understrand, so i demanded that he wrote the amount and the no. of lewelries on it which afterward served as my protection. BUT SHOCK OF MY LIFE! the jewelry tester told us that the jewelries are FANCY OR JUST A FASHION JEWELRIES! meaning it is FAKE!!! and told us that even if we go to other jewelry stores for a test , we will be told it is really a FAKE JEWELRIES!!! which we did to satisfy and to reaffirm us that those are surely FAKE!!! and surely all of those are all FAKE!!!!!! So please anybody help us return our money, the certificate has no address and contact number of that mineral museum

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1. Re: Shenzhen mineral museum! a big time liar and cheater!!!

From the Philippines?

Should have known better. Had you read TA before going, you would have known that such tours are at best, a poor deal, and at worst, a scam. Your clue should have been the certificate of authenticity.

Honestly, I do not know if you can get your money back. They have similar scams like this in the Phil. Just not as organized as in china.

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2. Re: Shenzhen mineral museum! a big time liar and cheater!!!

Where was this "mineral museum" in SZ exactly? This is the first time I hear about it. I think you need to report to the police. And you may also contact the tour operator who brought you there.

To be honest, if anybody believes there are big savings possible, especially for gold, I cannot understand him. Gold is based on market prices world wide. There is not much room for arbitrage for the material at all.

This is valid for all materials. Otherwise professional dealers would make use out of it. This is how a market price is generated.

Expensive Jade should only be bought at a certified, trusted shop or together with an expert. There are so many kinds of Jade and Jade-a-likes.

You report about not having received proper certificates, but you still bought the stuff. While certificates look different in China and of course there is not much need for English language here, I am shocked you still buy if the certificated does not meet your requirements.

This scam only works because of the people seeking for the chance to save a lot of money. If something is unbelievable cheap, it is fake! That is true in 99,99% of the cases. In other cases may be it is illegal.

I know it does not help you, but jewelry genrally is not cheap in China and there is not reason why it should be cheap (yes, the work is cheap, but the material is expensive). Of course high grade Jade can be found, but you need to be an expert or help of an expert.

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3. Re: Shenzhen mineral museum! a big time liar and cheater!!!

Even though you did not trust the certificate, you still bought a lot of jewels and set your doubts aside because they were so cheap.

That's just what scammers do: they play on your greed.

And it works, obviously.

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4. Re: Shenzhen mineral museum! a big time liar and cheater!!!

May2011_a, Can you tell us which tour company you joined?

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5. Re: Shenzhen mineral museum! a big time liar and cheater!!!

Just calm down, there are always solutions to every problem:

Complaints phone of Shenzhen Tourism Bureau: 0755-82003200

Their add: 深圳市福田区市民中心C区一楼1050室

Or you can dial 110 for police's help.

I think relevant staff will not be very inefficiency in SZ.

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6. Re: Shenzhen mineral museum! a big time liar and cheater!!!

These so called "museums" are nothing but tourists traps selling very over priced merchandise. If it's too good to be true, it is. And buyers beware. Sorry you had a bad experience. But this is a well known shopping "scam".

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7. Re: Shenzhen mineral museum! a big time liar and cheater!!!

We were scammed too.. we bought worth $200 of jewelries when we visit the Jade Factory aka Mineral Museum. I told them if these can be pawned and real gold and they even look at me as if I am an annoying customer and that I dont believe them. So I bought it thinking it should be real because they said it is being operated by the government. We love to tour around different countries and we will NEVER EVER COME BACK TO CHINA!. They are one hell of a scammer. Everyday I get the opportunity to tell people that I get to talk to, I tell them if they go to China, don't ever purchase anything from them. Or best is not to go there.

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8. Re: Shenzhen mineral museum! a big time liar and cheater!!!

Hi, calm down leh.....

$200 can make u hate China ?

U r not going back to China just because of this small lesson fee?

Then u gonna miss big.

Penny wise Pound foolish, did I type it wrongly ?

Or this is a fake post ?

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9. Re: Shenzhen mineral museum! a big time liar and cheater!!!

hi do you have picture of this museum i think we have the same tour guide.. maybe this is the reason why she do not want to take picture of her and also the museum..

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10. Re: Shenzhen mineral museum! a big time liar and cheater!!!

I never heard of this place, I guess I am not of aShenzhen expert!