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warning on dog attacks

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warning on dog attacks

I was suddenly surrounded by 4 feral dogs last week in cha am, on a main tourist soi at 11am, and one of those nice little doggies bit me hard on my upper thigh. Hospital visits for rabies vaccinations (5 in total required) will run more than 5,000 baht, not to mention the possibility that I end up dying of rabies anyway.

The attack happened on the corner of chao lai and narathip rd, 1 short block from the main beach road, very close to the arroy restaurant. I reported the incident to the police, and they weren't exactly moved to action. They were more interested in my Thai language fluency. I asked a local family who witnessed the attack to help me find my cellphone which I threw into the air in utter shock while being attacked, and they refused, continuing to eat their breakfast.

I met a foreigner at the cha am hospital who was attacked in the exact same area 3 days before me. He told me that the nurses in the cha am hospital said they treat 20 foreigners per day for dog bites.

Carrying a stick probably would not have worked in this case. The entire attack went down in 5-10 seconds from when they saw me until the alpha male sunk his teeth in. I carried a stick once in a bad dog area on a different trip to buriram, and was scolded by a local for carrying the stick.

Until these dogs are all rounded up, walking around cha am is something that I consider to be risky at best, life threatening at worse.

This has put me off of cha am indefinitely . There are so many beach towns in the area with much less of a dog issue. I have visited at least 6 or 7 times in the past few years. Aggressive feral dogs have always been a recurring danger. Take care!

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Dutchie in Germany
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11. Re: warning on dog attacks

Was also attacked and bitten in Cha Am in 2015, and had some near misses in other parts of Thailand. Was transported to the hospital by a friendly local, and back with some tourists as there is no transport there at night. Got the 5-6 rabies shots during my stay in the rest of Thailand.

I love the country and the people but won't return until they free the streets of this terrible dangerous wild life. If it were rats attacking they would have all been killed already.

Oslo, Norway
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12. Re: warning on dog attacks

My god...this is actually making me reconsider Cha am since I have not yet booked a place to stay yet.

I have traveled a few places (Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand) before and seen these dogs everywhere, but never felt any intimidation by them.

Are they really worse than other places in Asia?

This thread really tells me that they are and it feels like a 50/50 chance of getting a limb chewed off(??)..

Where can I get the chili/pepperspray?? I may buy this in Bangkok before I go and always keep it in my hand wherever I go in Cha am..............will probably not look like a very hospital kinda guy though....

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13. Re: warning on dog attacks

Yes dogs can be a big problem in Thailand and yes put me off going to Cha Am. So they are losing money. Also can a problem in Bran Krut in the evening. Some of these dogs are not feral or even strays, but they are often roaming around in the evening. I would say of all the countries I have been to in Asia, Thailand is the worst. During the day they are not usually a problem but at night they certainly can be.

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14. Re: warning on dog attacks

I guess I must be one lucky dude. I have been roaming around Cha Am amongst many many other places where there are a lot of street dogs together in Thailand Cambodia and Vietnam on my own and at night and thus far none of them has EVER shown any interest in attacking me at all. Of course I sensibly give them as much space as I can and certainly don't give them any cause to attack me like looking like a threat to them etc.

Maybe it comes down to a confidence thing as I have always kept dogs and in the past have even worked with german shepherds and Dobermans so tend not to show fear of them. Dogs can sense fear and fear to them is a sign of weakness and therefore makes you vulnerable.

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Leicester, United...
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15. Re: warning on dog attacks

Carry a big stick!

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16. Re: warning on dog attacks

Adding my story to cha-am with dogs.

We went for a walk in the afternoon about 200m from the novotel, there is a small open area. From nowhere, 5 dogs showed up, and surrounded us quickly. a very aggressive, obviously leader, biting me in shoe and 2 teeth went through the skin. I immediately lifted my 3 year old daughter, and started screaming at the dogs with as loud as i could. The dogs backed and gave up after a while.

The result was that I had to go and take rabies vaccine (5 times), a little bad end of the semester.

I even met another tourist at the hospital, that ended upp much worse. He was quite afraid of dogs,

and started to run. (stay calm! even though its tuff.)

It was my 5th trip in Thailand. There is clearly increased risk there.

Once we were aware of it, it was a bit easier to avoid. But my daughter is a little bit afraid of dogs now, and the minute dogs surrounded us felt like an hour, and extremely threatening.

Nakhon Si...
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17. Re: warning on dog attacks

I have to add my experience here.

The danger from dogs is not just from strays. I was recently on a beach near Prachuap Kiri Khan and some b*****d sent his dog out from the house to attack me as I walked past. It was a mastiff type breed and came straight for me. I was very lucky that the tide was quite high, so I could retreat into the sea. I'm now wondering if I should carry one of those high-pitch personal attack alarms do they work? Or maybe just a gun (joke!) My best wishes to those who have been bitten, I was very lucky by the sound of it. Makes you think, as I too never had any problems before with strays, there have been times when they join me for a beach walk. Maybe I'll be a bit more careful in future.

United Kingdom
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18. Re: warning on dog attacks

That is sad to hear, whereabouts in Prachuap Kiri Khan were you?

Pacific Coast...
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19. Re: warning on dog attacks

Are there any feral dogs on the beach around the Sheraton? If I had read this post about dogs earlier I would not have booked. I have seen feral dogs in Bangkok however never had a problem with them, they just ignored us. We don't have rabies in Australia however I have never got over seeing Old Yella.

Chonburi, Thailand
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20. Re: warning on dog attacks

Soi dogs (free roaming dogs) are a problem all over Thailand.

I suggest you Google some info on how to handle them.

most of the time they are just to hot to bother, but once in packs at cooler times of the day they can range from a nuisance to downright dangerous.

Kids are particularly vulnerable as they often don't realise these dogs aren't normally pets and can turn on an over-affectionate child.

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