Driver for Mendoza wineries/trekking

My husband and I are looking for a driver to take us around the Mendoza area for a couple days, and would love some advice.

1) What is the average cost of hiring a driver for the day? We would be going from Mendoza airport, and would like to do ~3 wineries + lunch in the Uco Valley. We are staying in Uco Valley the first night, so no return transport to Mendoza needed, although I understand the driver will likely need to return to the city, so that probably wouldn't change the cost.

2) If anyone has any recommendations for specific drivers they've had good experiences with, I would love their contact info. Our hotel gave us a couple names, but some of them responded only in Spanish. Unfortunately, neither my husband nor I speak Spanish.

We are also considering doing a hike for the second day, and would need a driver for that as well. For people who've done Aconcagua - was it worth the travel time? I've also read some stuff about hiking Cordon del Plata. Again, any info on pricing/recs for drivers would be much appreciated.

Thank you!! I never plan this last minute, but we just made an impromptu decision to book flights to Argentina for next week, so any assistance would be awesome!