24 hours in Hawthorne

Been "redirected" from MB forum...

First a confession, I HATE Los Angeles. Had a "bad experience" there a few years ago and vowed never to return.

BUT I won a place on intrepid's tour of the wild west which ends in LA so have 24 hours to lay some ghosts to rest.

Am arriving on the Saturday of Labor day weekend about 4pmish at Holiday Inn LAX Express & Suites Hawthorne, 11436 Hawthorne Blvd, CA 90250

Already done the LA thing before, so have 24 hours to kill there. Bear in mind I'll have just spent 2 weeks camping and hiking so now is my time to shop and use up my flight home luggage allowance.

Here's my rough ideas, please help.

Firstly need to be at LAX about 6pm on Sunday, using hotel free shuttle, what time do I need to leave?

After arriving on Saturday and showering in a PROPER HOTEL ROOM for the first time in a fortnight, wanted to go for a walk and wander +/- have a bite out or takeaway to go back to the hotel and have a night of trashy TV in bed. Where's good nearby, like all types of food.

Also is there a supermarket nearby as I do love to stock up on American groceries to bring home (cereal, pop tarts and choccie a must). Also anywhere I can buy a second bag to fill with my goodies.

(See Ralph's is in same street - is it walking distance?)

Sunday - up and packed etc and left luggage in hotel, looking to get the $5 r/trip Ocean Express Trolley - is the stop walking distance from the hotel - how long will it take to get there as want to hit Manhattan Beach for brunch by 1030ish at the Kettle, then onto the mall.

How safe is Hawthorne - thinking of doing my grocery shopping etc at Ralphs on the Saturday night (as a skinny white girl out by herself)

How long does the trolley take, i.e. if I leave MB about 4pm, get back to hotel for 5pm shuttle, can I get to LAX for 6pm on the Sunday?

On the subject of my slated hotel (not my choice but stuck with it), where's good for food/takeaway back to hotel with trashy TV night, and is there a liquor store nearby aswell.