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Am I the first one?

Quite surprised, that I am the first one who writes a message in the Weifang forum.

Almost everyone who has been to Qingdao has passed Weifang, it is just one train stop before Qingdao on the high-speed railway.

Weifang is a nice not too big town, modern, clean and green.

Weifang is known as the "World Capital of Kites", the only kite museum in the world is located in Weifang.

In Yangjiabu (杨家埠) in the outskirts of Weifang you can visit the kite manufactures.

A bit farer away from the town centre are the wetlands of the Wei river near Changyi (昌邑) .

It is really worth to spend a weekend or more. I will go there (again) during Dragon Boat Festival.