Bridgetown and Barbados both have a long history as colonies in the New World.  Like many places in the Caribbean, Bridgetown was the home of many African slaves, brought there by the British to work on the island's many sugar plantations.  For those interested in reading about this history several books are in print.  One of them, written by historian Pedro Welch, is Slave Society in the City:  Bridgetown, Barbados 1680-1834 .  This book chronicles the experience of African slaves living in Bridgetown during the prime of the city's slave trade.  More specifically, the author discusses how slaves living in the urban setting of Bridgetown fared differently and had different types of relationships with their owners than did rural slaves.  Most studies on slavery have been written about it in a rural setting.  The book is available for purchase at

On a lighter note, several travel guides are also available on Bridgetown and Barbados.  The Berlitz Pocket Guide to Barbados is inexpensive and small and contains all the information than any visitor would need on hotels, attractions, and transportation as well as its cultural history and background.