Both taxis and rental cars are available for travelers in Dominica.  Rental cars are available at the airport and at some locations on the island.  Some of these rental car dealers are local to the island and not companies well-known to travelers.  Because of this renters should keep in mind that the quality and price of cars could vary from dealer to dealer.  Also important to note is that those wanting to rent a car in Dominica must pay a fee (about $12 US) to obtain a Dominican driving permit.  Drivers in the country without such permits may be subject to stiff traffic penalties.  Some companies which rent cars on the island are  Best DealCourtesy,  Road RunnerIsland Car Rentals Ltd and  and Rainbow Rentals Inc should be added.

Be aware that driving on Dominica's roads is challenging, even for many locals.  They drive on the left.  The roads themselves are very narrow (approximately one US lane wide in many areas), winding, often mountainous, and generally without shoulders.  Should you rent a car, "walk away" insurance coverage may be a worthwhile investment.  Be aware that many car rental agency insurance policies have very high deductibles and don't cover items such as a cut tire.  Honk at all blind turns.  Beware of obstacles hidden in the grass and ferns along-side the roadways. Also be aware that due to landslides, driving to some popular areas (like the village of Laudat) should never be attempted by non-locals. Hire a taxi (below).

Clear road signs are often lacking.  However, even in the most depressed parts of the country the locals are very friendly and very helpful.  Just pull over and ask should you find yourself lost.

Taxis are available for hire in Dominica at the airport, from which there is a standard rate, and at all hotels.  Hotels can arrange taxi service for anyone who needs it 24 hours a day.  A list of taxi services in Dominica can be found here.


Taking a public bus is part of daily life in Dominica if your on a budget it's quite cheap and efficent to take a public bus with locals. You will see public buses everywhere and they will take you pretty much anywhere. The prices are regulated by the government so it's be you know how much it costs or else you might be taken advantage of. 

Official list of Public Bus Prices can be found List of Public Bus Prices

Though travel on the island is harrowing at times, it adds to the natural charm and adventuresome spirit of the place.  Take your time getting from place to place, and enjoy!