Entry into the Dominican Republic is easy!  Most nationalities will not require a visa from the Embassy prior to departure, but check with your local embassy if you are from a distant nation (North Americans and Europeans do not,  but some other Nationalities do need visas to enter. See the list:   http://www.godominicanrepublic.com/rd...

Most nationalities however, do requirer a "Tourist Card" which you can buy at the airports and border crossings in the Dominican Republic upon arrival and before you enter the immigration lines to get your passport stamped.   The cost is 10 USD (or 10 BPS) per person, and you should bring this exact amount with you, to make it fast and easy. The Tourist Card can also be purchased in advance on line for $10 USD or 10 BPS, https://www.dgii.gov.do/Tturistaweb/  Just print it out and you are ready to go, no names of signatures needed. At the Airport, there is one line to purchase the tourist card. If you have bought it online then proceed ahead to the second line and Immigration where the card is collected. Passport holders from the following nations are not required to purchase a Tourist Card and are not required to have a Visa: Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Israel, Japan, North Korea, Peru and Uruguay. Dominican born travellers and legal residents are exempt as well. For Canadian travellers the tourist card is included in your package except when flying with the Sun Wing/Signature Companies. 

(Americans need passports to leave and re-enter the U.S., even if going to Mexico and Canada, and for sure to the Dominican Republic.) 

On board your Aircraft forms will be given to you to fill out for Immigrations and Customs. Fill them out on the plane for a speedier exit. After buying and/or turning in your tourist card you pass through Immigration and Passport Control and after collecting your luggage you pass through Customs. This  is an easy and simple process, before you know it you will be in the taxi or tour bus wisking away to enjoy your holiday! At all Internatinal Airports in the D.R. Taxis are posted just outside of the Customs Exits with large signs noting current prices.

 Departures from the Dominican Republic:

 A $20 USD departure tax is levied on all travellers leaving the D.R. Here is the current breakdown:

Travellers to/from the U.S.A.: The Tax is included among the many taxes in your Airline ticket. 

Travellers from Canada: Tour packages from all Airlines (Except the Sun Wing Companies) do include the departure tax and tourist card in your package.

Travellers from the U.K. and Europe: The Tax is generally not included in your package. Do check with your tour operator or Airline. 

Safe travels y Buen Viaje!