General books on Mexico may be of interest to some visitors:

Thomas, Hugh:  Conquest:  Montezuma, Cortés, and the Fall of Old México.  Simon & Shuster.  New York.  1993.  A definitive history of the Conquest by one of England's outstanding historians who, as a result of his work, has been created Baron Vitalicio.  812 pp. 

Aveni, Anthony F.:  Skywatchers of Ancient México.  University of Texas Press.  Austin.  4th paperback printing, 1997.  An introduction to archeoastronomy which couples observational astronomy with archaeological and ethnological details to explain the layout of ancient Mexican cities and the workings of the calendar.  335 pp. 

Kandell, Jonathan:  La Capital:  The Biography of Mexico City.  Random House.  New York.  1988.  A good history of Mexico City with some information on the Manila Galleons and the Acapulco Fair.  640 pp.

Miller, Robert Ryal:  Shamrock and Sword:  The St. Patrick's Batallion in the U.S. -- Mexican War.  The University of Oklahoma Press.  Norman and London.  1989.  A history of the Irish conscripts in the American Army who changed sides and fought for México.  232 pp.

Tree, Isabelle: Sliced Iguana: Travels in Mexico. Tauris Parke Paperbacks.  A great travel book on Mexico, often funny and thought-provoking. Could well dictate your travel plans for Mexico!

 Dumas,Richard: A Touch Of Salsa:People,locations,culture of Mexico, AMAZON.COM  Exciting,funny,unusual, historical, information not found in travel brochures written by an ex pat living amongst the people of Mexico for twenty years visiting where ordinary tourists never go..