Travelers will find that any time of the year is excellent for visiting Kamloops but the summer months are especially nice.  The average summer temperature in Kamloops is just 27°C (80°F), making it comfortable for outdoor activities.  Hiking, biking and lake activities are all popular in Kamloops, in part for this reason.  More information about these activities can be found online at Inside Kamloops: Sports & Activities here at TripAdvisor.

Another excellent thing about Kamloops is that it has very little rainfall in comparison with the surrounding area.  The city boasts that it has more than two thousand hours of sunshine each year.  This also helps make it appealing to outdoor enthusiasts.

In the wintertime, it gets cool, but not excessively cold.  It does snow in the area, but it averages less than 90 cm (35 in) of snowfall each season.  This does not mean that snow activities are impossible though, because nearby Sun Peaks Resort and other ski lodges are available for travelers interested in enjoying winter sports.

These nearby locations are representative of the fact that while Kamloops has beautiful moderate weather, nearby there are spots which have more extreme weather.   This is considered a good thing because it means that Kamloops visitors who want to experience warmer summers or colder winters than what is offered within the city can easily take day trips to do so.

For weather forecasts, current conditions, and up-to-the-minute weather warnings, visit Environment Canada's Kamloops weather page (also available in Imperial units, i.e. Fahrenheit).

For very detailed climate information, including windspeed, rainfall, snowfall and temperatures, visit Environment Canada's Kamloops cliimate page.